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a real x86 System on a Chip Ina • ( actual Size) Introducing the "FailSafe MachZ" for the next generation of embedded systems You can design the MachZ system into virtually anywhere your imagination can take you. It's very smoll and at a 1/2 watt it actually runs cool to the touch. Think about it : yau could embed thi s little power house in a system that is completely sealed. Consider the possibilities, consider the facts. Then put your engineering brain to work. MachZ .... System.on·a.Chip , t ~" <>" i J2-BIT X86 , PROCESSOR FPU,8K 1I WB CACHE Auto-Boot FailSafe System allows crash-immune Internet upgrades - FailSafe Boot, Flashless Operation, Dual WD-Timer, Z-tag 2M-bit/s Flash download, Scratch Registers Fully PC Compatible runs all x86 code natively Easily Interface HomePNA, Ethernet, Modems, Graphics Controllers, PC/l04, MPEG, XDSL, ISDN, IrDA, Flash, CAN, GPS Includes BIOS and linux DIS or ~Wmcl.R!ve( VxWorks RTOS PhO~ Oh, and did we mention that it runs cold? Fai 388 BGA Runs at a cool 1 / 2 Watt not a typical 8 to 10 Watts 800.683.5943 • , 'Tus'o'DEviCES 4 ElDE DEVICES Ultra Low Power <500mW@1 OOMHZ

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