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Michael Barr EDITORIAL DIRECTOR Lillcl .. C') VerC{'II, h ere{'n@cmp.coll'l EDITOR IN CHIEF Mic-had narr, mba1 rt!clllp.cOIll MANAGING EDITOR Fc lj·;;t Yang, frall gtl crnp.colll EDITOR AT LARGE Ale)o, Wolfe. awOlr{'~IlClllp.COIH EDITORIAL ASSISTANT IimOlJIY Slllli"<1II . Isulli\'a n~cI111).cOIll CONSULTING TECHNICAL EDITORS j.I(').. C Ganssh' j e lolll(' L, Krasm' r, PhD CONTRIBUTING EDITORS j ack W. C I'C II <; h .IW La rry ~litl ;lg Don Mo rgan Da ll 5., 15 PUBLISHER EI'i( Iklg. (41 5) 278-5220 NATIONAL SALES MANAGER 1\'l>lw ll Corri c-k. (323) 5 124 100 EASTERN REGIONAL SALES MANAGER D.lll1on Cra.ff. (78 1) 839- 1285 EASTERN SALES REPRESENTATIVE j.ll cd Crilllm, (78 1) 839--1286 CALIFORNIA SALES MANAGER A. lIdr('s DiaL, H 15) 278-527 .. CALIFORNIA SALES ASSOCIATE \10 11) Hl1l1ls, ( 115) 278-5298 WESTERN ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE Sam 1..o lli3, (41 5) 278-5223 PRODUCTION COORDINATOR Ma ttJ1C\\ Powe ll CIRCULATION MANAGER j ('uni!('1 Schuler CIRCULATION ASSISTANT ~li l h. I (' 1 Falabcll a, mfa l abt' CIRCULATION DIRECTOR SUS:t1l Ilaqx'r SUBSCRIPTION CUSTOMER SERVICE Toll r, co: (8i7) 676-97 15 (8 17) 559-7307 Fax: (8<17) 29 1- 18 16 Olll{'da COIllIllUll i{ alions 6 10 Alacl(,I1lV Ori\{" " orthbrook, 11. 60062 f'5/J@()/11I'(/(I ,(Q'" Back issues may he pllrc-hascd o n a prepaid basi .. tJlrough: Miller Frecman , IGOI We .. t 23rd SL, Suile 200, l.o'1wre llcc. KS 6oo,Hi; (ROO) 111-488 1; (785) 8·1I - 1 6~ 1 REPRINTS Stell., VaJd C'l . (9 16) 983-6971 ONLINE PRODUCTION COORDINATOR Hill)' Uiondi, \\'biondi~, cmp.{'0 1Il PRESIDENT/CEO, CMP MEDIA INC. Citl) M;:u-.;hall EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENTS Regina SHIrr Ridley Johll Russell Sit'\(' W(' il/nCI' SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT! GLOBAL SALES &. MARKETING Bilillowald SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT/ BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT I)am \\'.ukins VICE PRESIDENT/ ELECTRONICS DOllna j. £.sposito EMBEDDED/ DSP GROUP DIRECTOR ~Iil.. t' FI) IlIl , ( 11 5) 27S-525 1 PRESIDENT/ELECTRONICS Stc\e We itz llcl' To nv UphofT Producer/Consumer Update A well-known synchl"Onization pl"Oblem I"\ctescribes a single data buffer shared by two or more threads of execution. One or more producer threads write new data into the buffer, in parallel with one 0 1 - more consumer threads that read data [l"Om it. Depending on the specifics, one or more semaphores may be needed to code the pl"Oducer / consumer solution successfull y. ow well in to its second decade, an essential element of ESPs success has been the quali ty of its producers. In our case, the producers are columnists and feature authors. What generally makes our pieces so informative is that they' re written by practicing embedded software developers just like you. The vast majori ty of the con- tent we publish is written by fuU-time soft- ware developers and consultants who desire to share knowledge acquired th l"Ough fi rst- hand expelience with their peers. The resul ts of our most recent editolial survey indicate that the average ESP reader has been programming for more than 17 years, developing embedded software for a decade, and reading the magazine for about seven years. And, yet, less than 1 % of you have ever written even one article for us! If you think ESP been a pretty good read so far, just imagine how much more valuable of a community resource it could be if we could tap ule rest of that potential. The connection between readers and Vi'lit Olil Web silC::U write rs is an importan t one: readers of our magazine make ule best ESPWliters. That's because you are Ule ones building actual embedded/ real-time systems Ulat must be completed on time, meet their target price poin ts, work reliably, and survive in field conditions. So you know how to do things light ule fi rst time, minimize system costs, and work around the litue annoyances of the real world. In short, you've learned cer- tain "tricks ofule IJ-ade" that benefit you on a day-to-day basis- and could benefit your peers as weU. Sharing your knowledge wiUl your peers-by wliting an article or a book or speaking at a technical confel-ence-is an excellent way to enhance your professional reputation, meet new friends, and learn about nuances of your own ideas that you hadn't considered before. In my particular case, sharing knowledge developed ul l"Ough my expeliences as an embedded pl"Ogt-ammer and a consultant was how 1 ultimately fowld a career as a magazine editor. And, of course, writing an article is also a good way to eam some extra cash. In addition to articles on any number of topics conceming the embedded software developer, we' re also looking for a new columnist. An ideal columnist would be omeone who likes to wli te, has lots of (at least sketchy) ideas for column topics rolling al"Ound in ule back of theil- brain, and can find the time to write someuung new every monul. Ideally, I'd like to find someone who could take up Ule "Real- Time" manlJ-a abandoned by former ESP columnist and edi tor-in-chiefTyler Spen-y. You already know you' re a nerd. So why not make it official? Write for ESP. lfyou're interested, check out our \¥liter's guide- lines at www.embedded. com/wriguide. htrn and send your ideas direcuy to me. While help- ing make a name for yourself, you'll also be helping us make a dent in our OWll kind of producer/ consumer pl"Oblem. Embedded Systems Programming OCTOBER 2000 5

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