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SUPPORTED PROCESSORS INCLUDE: ADl SHARC AMD NET186 ARM Thumb, ARM? and ARM9 Intel x86,i960 and StrongARM Hitachi SH Family ned together to create a new force in the world of embedded software for intelligent devices. NetSilicon will continue to offer its highly integrated NET+Works hardware and software solutions. The new Softworks Group will provide strategic networking technology to the whole market including etSilicon's integrated solutions. The Softworks Group is committed to supporting and expanding its customers for Internet and Web protocols and applications fo r multiple processors, RTOS and developell1 ent tools. Key products include FUSION rCP/ IP, PPP, Web Browser, GraphiCS Toolkit, SNMPv3, RIP2, OSPF2, NAT and SSL. Check out the new web site at For additional information email us at ph: 805-499-7722 or 800-541-9508 fax: 805-499-5512 Hyperstone EI-32 and EI-16 Motorola 68EN360, Cold fire, MPC860/860T and MPC8S0 Philips Tri-media ST Micro TP2/TP3/SSxx Siemens C16x family TMS320 fami ly And Many More to come! Protocols: Web: Internet: App] ications: Network Management Security: Routing Protocols: RTOS: TCP/IP, UDP/IP, DHCP, BOOTP Web Browser, Web Server and Graphics Toolkit/GUI PPP (Client and Server), SLIP, CSLIP, CHAP, PAP ITP, TITP, TELNET, DNS, SMTP, POP3, RPC SNMP vI, v2 and v3, MIB Compiler SSL OSPFv2, RIP/RIP2, BGP4, NAT ThreadX'on NetSilicon Softworks Group

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