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departments 5 #INCLUDE Producer/Conslll11er Update BY MICHAEL BARR internet appliance design 45 CONNECTING ... Disconnecting Despite his exhortations to stay connected, Michael has found the need to unplug from the duties of writ- ing this column for a while. But don't despair, he' ll be back. BY MICHAel BARR 47 Working with WAP You can't run a desktop Web browser on a cell phone or PDA, but the Wireless Application Protocol can give you Web-like access to data, even when resources are limited. BY JEFF STEFAN 61 HIDs Up The inclusion of a HID-class USB driver in Windows 98 and 2000 makes connecting your embedded device to a PC easier than ever. Here's everything you need to know to create a Human Interface Device. BY JAN AX ·LSON 73 El11bedded Internet Tools columns 17 PROGRAMMER'S TOOLBOX Moving Right Along Jack reaches a temporary solution to the problem of minimization. Optimizations will come later. BY JACK W_ CRENSHAW 75 Character and String Literals In C++, character and string literals function just as PROGRAMMING POINTERS C programmers would expect them to. Even more so. BY DAN SAKS 149 Hijacked! Reader questions prompt a more basic treatment of SPECTRA PWM and motor internals. BY DON MORGAN 171 BREA~ POINTS MOI11ISI11S Look here if you want to know what Moms have to offer the embedded world. You'll also benefit from some of Jack's tips. BY JACK G. GANSSLE 7 PARITYBIT 11 NEWS VECTORS 155 NEW PRODUCTS 160 RECRUITMENT 163 MARKETPLACE 168 ADVERTISER INDEX

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