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Cut Your Development Time! with Nohau in-circuit emulators. Mitsubishi M16C: Nohau suppoorts this family with a new emulator which has the abi lity to program the FLASH in your target CPU. The photo illustrates this setup. Like most Nohau products, this emul ator is handheld . The pipclinc is fully decoded and the optional trace board displays cycles filtered by the triggers. The entire I M space is emulated with a granularity of 2 bytes. Shadow RAM displays all writes in real-time in scveral numerical or graphical formats. The emulator operates in single-chip or expanded mode. It operates to 16 MHz and with a Vcc of 2.7 to 5.5 volts, it will easi ly adapt to your target. The triggers can be set and the trace viewed without stealing cycles from the CPU thanks to the internal housekeeping controller. All Nohau emulators operate in this fashion giving you the truest emulation poss ible. To speed up your M 16C project, contact Nohau today for the latest information. Philips XA and others: Nohau supports many other families including the XA, 25 1, 196, 296, HC I I, HC 16, 683xx. More are under current developmcnt. They all use the same Seehau interface for continui ty and the same Nohau quality that assures you of a faster development process. For data sheets on these products, browse yers. For in formation on how to use an emulator in your development, call Nohau or your local rep. Check other areas of the Nohau website for application notes, useful links to our partner's websites, new product announccmcnts and software upgrades. Nohau has shipped over 18,000 emulators sincc 1986 and is the world's largest supplier of8 and 16 bi t emulators. Nohau reps and offices are everywhere offering the best in customer service. Nohau is headquartered in Silicon Valley USA and has major offices in Sweden, Germany, China and Great Britain. Seehau: Nohau's new user interface: Seehau provides you with a sophisticatcd yetti'iendly debugging environment. For a complete description see the website Call Nohau for the latest demo CD or call your Nohau rep for a personal demonstration at your site. Seehau can operate over T P/I P for remote debugging, has integral RTOS support, mUltiple configuIable windows, a MACRO scripting language including an integrated Visual Basic (Sax Basic), and much more. Data writes can be displayed in many numerical and graphical formats and the trace can be set and viewed in real-time. A built-in editor allows modifying code, then calling your compil er and then displaying any error messages - all within one environment. Seehau runs under Windows NT/95/98. Nohau offers no co t upgrades from the web and they can be retrofitted to existing Nohau emulators. Your Action List: D Visit our web ite for app notes and "The Designer 's Guide to Ill-C ircuit Emulation" D Call your local Nohau rep to see how they can he lp you complete your projects faster. D Nohau reps offer complete development solutions for easy integration of projects. D Call Nohau for a free evaluation period. Nohau Corporation 51 East Campbell Avenue Campbell, Califomja 95008 Email: (888) 886-6428 (408) 8 -1820 (408) 378-7869

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