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In-Circuit Emulato s Infineon C166 and ST Microelectronics ST10: Nohau has the broadest and fastest line of C 166 and ST I 0 emulators in the world. Up to 80 MHz with no cycle stealing from the bondout CPU. You are assured that your programs always run fu ll speed as intended with no CPU stalling. The Shadow RAM displays writes in rca I-time at all processor speeds. These emulators are hand held portable models allowing operation anywhere you and your laptop can go: or share in your lab. Connection to your LPTx: port or via an lSA card for versatili ty. Emulation mcmory can be mappcd down to a granularity of 2 bytes allowing wrapping around any peripheral. This easily accommodates your targets in various stages of developmcnt. & c166.pdf Nohau provides personali ty modules to adapt to new derivatives as thcy are introduced so you never have to wait for support. You can start development using the emulator in stand-alone mode before the target chips are available. These emulators are des igned and Made in the USA. ,- 8051 and Infineon C500 Families: Nohau is the world's largest 805 1 emulator manufacturer. Nohau has more bondout experience than anyone else. This assures you of trouble free single-chip emulation with processors from Intel, Dallas, Phil ips, Infineon, Atmel and others. Nohau supports nearly all 805 1 derivatives. Our website at newflyers/support.pdf gives you the complete list of all devices supported. Nohau offers a wide range of options to sui t any need and budget you have including renta ls. Nohau technical support is legendary and with reps everywhere, you always get fa st answers to get you developing sooncr. c500.pdf, & dallas. pdf, 251 .pdf & xa.pdf Nohau supports the Philips XA and the Intel and Temic 25 1 family if you use these upgrade paths from the 805 1. lf you use the Infineon C500 and C I66 fa milies together in your projects, both emulators use the same user interface. This eases moving from one family to the other hence increasing productivity. Nohau works seamlessly with all popular compi ler and RTOS developcrs. Motorola He12: Finish your developments on time with the mo t complete emulators supporting the 8 32, BC32, D60, DA 128, DO 128 and more! Your new emul ator is obsolete-proof since future derivatives will be easily handled with economical personality modules. The pipeline is fu lly decoded preventing fa lse triggering on fetched, yet unexecuted instructions. The ports are reconstructed using Nohau's own FPO design which providcs true single chip operations. No chip resources are used by the emulator and fu ll speed, full feature operation is assured. The optional trace board allows triggering on user-speci fied events to increase producti vity. FLASH and EEPROM programming is suppOlted for appropriate chip . Nohau has a 8DM emulator for the above parts plus the HC 12A4, HC 16 and the 683xx family. Nohau completes its Motorola support with fu ll emulators for the HC 16 and 683xx, and the HC II . See the websitc new flyers for more information or call your local Nohau representative.

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