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at will you think of next? N ew Simulink 3 is the integrated design and simulation solution that gives you _ . _ .--- .---.-- . __ 0_ ~ .- . --- ._ --.--....... . __ ._- .. .w_ - .. -1"1_._ ·w_ '----'- Thirty years ago, NASA's Lllllar Modllie Alltopilot took thollsallds of hOllrs to desigll. Today, it cOllld be dOlle by olle ellgilleer ill abollt a week usillg Sinllliillk 3. generate code automatically. Ad now. Get data sheets, appli(ation examples, user stories and produd demos. See how Simulink 3 can help you build superior products in less time. For more information, or to buy now, visit .. O....~ the power to explore, refine and realize your control, communications and DSP designs in a fraction of the time needed for traditional methods. Powerful extensions let you create event-driven simulations and S IMULINK® Simu/illk 3 sllpports a broad range of applicatiolls frolll illitial desigll COllcept th rollgh embedded code gelleratioll . MATH ~ The Visit www.mathworks.(om/espb or (all 508-647-7000 We have a worldwide network of in ternat ional representati ves. Visit our Web site al for more information. CI 1999 The MathWorks, Inc. View ====== -- jlJ= ......

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