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FfashFfex'51 FOR YOUR EMBEDDED Go DIRE So YOUR HEAD EMBEDDED IN You're doing an embedded design. Up front, you're faced with the formidable task of integrating a microcontroller with flash, mask ROM, EPROM, OTP devices or other memory types. Maybe a little time spent imitating the ostrich would give you temporary relief. Probably not. May we suggest you avoid the problem completely, and jump directly to square 5-the one that says: 'Use FiashFlex51 for a successful design.' Because FiashFlex51 is a real oasis in a desert of hard-to-integrate solutions. One that puts a fully B051-compatible microcontroller together with up to 36 Kbytes of SST's high-reliability SuperFlash® memory. So when you tell your colleagues you just simplified your design, shortened your development schedule, saved on parts, and lowered your cost of ownership-they can go stick their heads in the sand. Or wherever. Another watershed event in flash/MCU capabilities is our unique dual-bank architecture. It enables you to alter flash contents in real time, while your system keeps right on running-something we call In-Application Programming™ And with our built-in security locks, no one can accidentally (or purposely) overwrite or swipe your flash contents. And if your business seems to be poking along at desert-crossing speeds- due to long mask ROM lead times and wasted parts-try comparing FlashFlex51 . It's backed by a full suite of development tools, plus our legion of tech support professionals. For details, visit our website. For an evaluation kit, contact your SST distributor or representative today. S!il ~t;~U - . "".. .... ~ ~ ® SUPERFLASH. THE SUPERIOR FLASH MEMORY. 02000, SilICOn Storage Technology. Inc. The SST logo and Supel'flash are registered trademarks of Slhcon Storage TechnOlOgy. Inc. RashFlex51 and In-ApplICation Programming are trademar\(S of Silicon Storage Technology, Inc. All other registered trademarks and trademarks menlloned are recognized as being held by their respectIVe companies.

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