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FfashFfex51 Flash Microcontrollers How HARD Is IT To Do SUPERFLASH® INTEGRATION? /S051 EVER TRIED TEACHING A GORILLA TO PLAY "THE FLIGHT OF THE BUMBLEBEE"? Let's face it, to put any kind of nonvolatile memory together with an industry-standard microcontroller, you've got to know the score. That's why we know you'll appreCiate FlashFlex51 ;M our family of fully 8051-compatible microcontrollers-smoothly integrated with up to 36 Kbytes of high-reliability SuperFlash® memory. Put them together and you've got simpler designs, shorter development cycles, smaller parts counts and significant cost-of-ownership savings. It's enough to make you go ape. FiashFlex51 offers a killer solution for your embedded controller designs, especially for remote applications such as vending machines, set-top boxes and pas systems. Its unique dual memory bank architecture lets you alter flash contents while the 8051 keeps tootling right along-a feature we call In-Application Programming™ So your in-field products can be upgraded in real time, without being shut down. And our security locks make sure your flash contents aren't accidentally overwritten or electronically swiped. FlashFlex51's backup ensemble comes complete with SST's outstanding customer service, plus a whole suite of development tools. For details, visit our website. For an evaluation kit, contact your SST distributor or representative today. ~ - S ,.· _u ... .r.n J,t.' ........... -- , ' SUPERFLASH. THE SUPERIOR FLASH MEMORY. 0 2000, &IIcon Storage Technology, Inc The SST logo and SuperFlash are registered trademarks 01 SiIICOl'l Storage Technology. Inc. FlashFleIC51 and In'Applicatlon Programming are trademarks 01 Slhoon Storage Technology. Inc All other regtstered trademarks and trademarks mentiOned are recognized as being held by !heir respectIVe companies

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