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To make no mistake. That is what you seek. To be always right. Ever accurate. To not look like a fool. But that's not always easy. Not when you're exploring new ground. When you wi tt only find out what you don't know the hard way. By trial and error. We can help. With test equipment that is accurate, easy and intuitive to use. That can not only speed through a test. but through those wonderful fo lks in management. And with the help and advice of our engineers who, like you, want to do what's right. Make no mistake. 1-800-452-4844; Ext. 6967 ...• . ... . ••••• . . . ••••• . . ~2000 Agllem Technologies ADGPPO05/ESP "In Canada. call 1-8778944414, Ext 6967 Agilent Technologies Innovating the HP Way

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