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New Products programmable I/O ports, and 36KB of program and data RAM on a single chip. The microcode for the AVR microcontroller and the FPGA logic can be reconfigured an unlimited num- ber of times. The AT94K40 is supported by the System Designer tools suite. The company says it ",ill be the first in a seJi es of simiJar devices. AT94K40 is sampling now and will stan at $50 per unit when it sh ips. Atmel San Jose, CA (408) 441-0311 OEMs Pentium SBC The VMICPCI-7710 is a Pentium III- based single-board computer. The processor has a 32-bit addressing and 54-bit data bus. Its superscalar archi- tecture allows three instructions to be executed per clock cycle. A dynamic branch p.-ediction unit, separate instruction and data caches, and MMX technology contribute to the proces- sor's performance. Features of the VMICPCI-7710 include BIOS support for temperalLlre-based clock throt- tling, BIOS support for USB legacy keyboard and mouse, an SVGA con- troller with 2MB internal DRAM, a PMC mezzanine expansion site, sup- port for on-board optional flash mem- ory by means of a socket for an M-sys- tems DiskOnChip flash device, an 5MBus routed to a CPCI bus J 3 con- nector, hardware support for software power-off, remote Ethernet booting, passive heat sink, up to 384MB DRAM using two 144-pin SODIMM modules, on-board Fast Ethernet con- troller supporting 10BaseT and 100BaseT interfaces, Ultra-DMA-33 hard drive and floppy d.-ive controllers through CPCJ J3 connector, two high- performance 15550-compatible serial ports, a parallel port supporting ECP I EPP modes, two USB ports, p 12-style keyboard and mouse port on front panel, and software-selectable watchdog timer with reset. The VMICPCI-7710 is available now for $3,100. VMIC Huntsville, AL (256) 880-0444 PowerPC single-board computer The EPIA-8240 is the latest member of the EmPower family of COTS VMEbus products, a series of communications- o.-iented boards in 5U and PMC form [actor. The EPIA-8240 is based on the MPC8240 processOl: Software support [or the EPIA-8240's se.-iaJ communica- tion channels includes tandard com- munication protocol modules from Trilliull1 Digital systems. The modules have been ported to the EPIA-8240's hardware and provide a modular com- munications stack that o[fers configura- tion for adaptation to differentapplica- tions. Modules currently available include HDLC, LAPB, and X.25 for syn- chronous operation. The EPIA-8240' single channel, dual redundant MIl.r STD-] 553B interface is implemented by a DDC mini-ace. Other supported fea- tures include a CompactFLASH site, 54MB SDRAM, 9MB FLASH, 1O/ I00BaseT Ethernet and two PMC sites. In addition to tlle onboard PMC sites, PCI sub-system expansion is possi- ble for both air and conduction cooled applications, based on a range of pcr mezzanine cards, including MIL-STD- 1553, ATM, Serial, Graphi cs, Fiberchannel, and flash extensions. Radstone Technology Towcaster, Northants, England 44 (132) 735-9444 Embedded Systems Programming o a OBER 2000 159

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