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New Products Pr.ogrammers, C.Comeilers and nalllQ.[1J Boards memory interface. Power consump- tion is estimated to run at a maximum of eight watts for a processor running at 400MHz and 15Y. Maximum power consumption is 13 watts for a proces- sor operating at 500MHz and 1.7V. Built-in power management fun ctions permit the chip approximately three watts maximum power usage in sleep mode. The Ulu-aSPARC processor will be avai lable in November. It costs $230 for the 400MHz version and $357 for the 500MHz version. Sun Microsystems Palo Alto, CA (650) 856-2114 Floating-point DSP The TMS320C6712 DSP performs up to 600 million floating-poi Latchup and a L en-year data retention rate. They are all capable of in-system electrical byte and page programma- bili ty. The EEPROM feature data polling and a Ready/ Busy signal to indicate the completion of erase and programming operations. Hardware protection is provided with a RES pin, in addition to noise protection on the WE-signal. Software data protection is implemented using a JEDEC-optional standard algorithm. Uni ts in the family are available now. One megabyte ver- sions cost $750, 4MB versions cost $1,750, and 8MB versions cost $2,500. Space Electronics San Diego, CA (858) 279-5100 .n t operations per second. It operates at 100MHz with a core of 1.8V and an 1/0 supply 3.3y' In addition, it features an intemal memory architecture that can be used as a two- level cache, a one-level cache with direct- mapped memory, or a com bination of two-level cache and direct mapped mem- ory. Also included is a pelipheral set that features 16-channel direct memory access, 16-bit external memory interface, two multi-<:.hannel buffered selial ports, and two 32-bit timers for data I/O and design flexibili ty. The C6712 is sampling now, with volLUne production scheduled for the first quarter of 200l. It will cost 9.95 each in quantities of 100,00 units. Texas Instruments Santa Clara, CA (800) 477-8924, ext. 4500 EEPROM family A family of standard silicon EEPROMs has been made sui t..:"1ble for use in space. The family offers units of a total dose hardness ranging from 50 to 250 had, depending on the customer-spec- ified orbit in which they will travel. The products feature no Single Event 158 oaOBER 2000 Embedded Systems Programming Altera chip subs The CL3000A family of laser-processed logic devices can be used interchange- ably in the same socket as Altera MAX 3000A CPLDs. Their ImulLlfacturer has developed a software technology that allows them to extract configuration infomlation and reproduce it on new, non-programmable chips. They also take up less space and use fewer lnU1sistors. If you send the company a MAX3000A programming file, they send you config- ured sample chips within two weeks. Clear Logic San Jose, CA (888) 548-7788 Core embedded in FPGA The AT94K40 is a field programmable system level integration circuit. Rated aL 30 MIPS at 40MHz, these devices are designed for use in low power, portable applications ror areas such as telecom- munication , networking, instrumenta- tion, and automotive. They combine the embedded AT40K FPGA core widl a high-performance version of the AVR S- bit RISC microcontroller, two UARTS, timer/ controllel-s, interrupt contJ"oller,

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