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New Products Developers also have control over the representation of the data, choosing where to insert cross-references and chart graphic into the documentation. Imagix San Luis Obispo, CA (805) 781-6002 www.imagix.xom Development software for non-programmers SoftWIRE v .. 2.0 is a tool creates pro- grams using Visual Basic v .. 6.0. It fea- tures database, TCP l IP, arithmeti c, financial, and analysis ftmctions. Among the database functio ns are a query builder, a database grid, and the ability to read and write from Access, Oracle, or SQL databases. Existing features of oftWIRE include a graphical interface for the oscillo cope, strip chart, and dig- ital volt meter. Many of the new controls are purely graphical, which means that aLi propel1:ies and vaJ.;ables are set by modifying and coloring graphical dis- plays. Its available now for $495. Computer Boards Middleboro, MA (508) 946-5100 Hardware Analyzers Fire py400 combines an analyzer, a gen- erator, a monitor, and a controller in a single unit. Together, these devices pro- vide protocol analysis for IEEE1384- based systems at transaction level. In addition, FireSpy can analyze a device's registers and memory addresses. USB agent is a USB bus and protocol analyz- er. It records all USB traffic non-intru- sively at low or fuj i speed. They're both available now for $3,500 each. Hitex Development Tools Sunnyvale, CA (800) 454-4839 Development kit The DK900-HCll is a development kit for the design of 68HCll-based systems that require in- ystem programming during system operation (a process also called in-application programming, or lAP). Systems of this type include auto- motive diagnostic systems, medical monitoring systems, and remote indus- o;al control systems. lAP requires two flash memory arrays so that boot code and flash algorithms can be executed at the same time that data is being erased or written into the system. The DK900- HCll provides these arrays, as well as all the other hardware and software required to implement an lAP system. SpecifIcally, it includes a 68HC-ll-based development board, a FlashLINK pro- grammer and cables, a null-modem ser- ial cable, power supply, and a CD-ROM with PSDsoftExpress EDA tool and PSDload UART download software. The CD-ROM also includes program- ming examples and tutOI ;alS on JTAG- based in-system programming. The development board includes a PSD9XX programmable system device, a l 6-char- acter LCD display, power switch, UART serial POl-t, aJTAG programming port, a reset button, a DIP witch, two LEDs, and pads for addi tional RAM. The DK900-HCll development ki t is avai l- able now for $99. Waferscale Integration Fremont, CA (510) 656-5400 Chips High-end processor The 400MHz to 500MHz UltraSPARC 64-bit processor is targeted for embed- ded applications in the telecommuni- cations, network infraso-ucture, and ISP markets. It integrates a 256KB Level 2 cache; a 32-bit, 66MHz PCI bus; an d an SRAM controlle r and When putting together an Embedded System, remember ... A system is more than the sum of its parts. ADS GRAPHICS CLIENr M PLUS Application Ready Systems at your fingertips! A StrongARM 206 MHz 6.1.> Embedded linux WinCE 3.0 JavaNxWorks/OS-9 ADS engineers complete embedded system solutions so that you can focus on what's most important Your Application

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