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New Products Tools for Embedded Developers Software Driver tools WinDriver v. 5.0 and KerneIDliver v. 5.0 are software tools that togeuler fOnll a driver development environment for Linux, Solaris, and Windows. WinDliver feat" ures a wizard ulat enables developers to detect and diagnose their hardware using graphjcal tools without wliting any code. WinDriver also include remote access capabilities that enable communi- cation between the development envi- ronment and the hardware through any network connection. KernelDI;ver auto- mates the development of standard dl;- vers, layered < md filter dlivers, and mini- port dl;vers by means of a wizard that generates the necessary C++ code. A free 30-c1ay evaluation package is available now at the company's Web site. Jungo Natanya, Israel (877) 514-0537 www.; Development r VI '01 P The MULTI 2000 integrated develop- ment environment now supports every chip in Hitachi's SuperH rusc line of processors. The environment is cus- tomized to take advan tage of the chip lin e's features. For instance, ule MULTI 2000's compiler supports the SH3-DSP's abili ty to execute [our independent operations per instruction. It also struc- tures code around the SI-I3-DSP's zero- overhead looping capability. Designers can a semble and disassemble DSP code and view internal DSP registers. The MULTI 2000 is also designed to uti- lize the SH-4 processor's I 6-bit fIXed- length insu-uctions. The MULTI 2000 IDE, when combined wiUl a compilel~ Chip s ppv fo!' tool suite TriCore Tool Sujte v. 1.1 is available for Infineon Technologies' TriCore Unified Processor Core, as well as for standard products based on merged MCU/ DSP architecture. The sui te includes an assembler that supports the TI-iCore Unified Processor's peripheral control processor, floating-point unit, and memory management unit. The suite's debugger works with a cycle- accurate instmction set simulator. The suite is avai lable now, starting at $3,900. Tasking Dedham, MA (800) 458-8276 www.taskingcom automates m< my aspects of the develop- ment process. It features a window-ori- ented editor, a source-level debugger, a graphical program builder, and a run- time error checker. It also includes a version con trol system, an instruction set simulator, a performance profiler, a real-time event analyzer, and a context- sensitive HTML help system. MULTI 2000 is available now. It costs $5,900 for Windows and $8,900 for UNIX. Green Hills Software Santa Barbara, CA (805) 965-6044 sions of DriveWay Lite are available now for $7,500. Aisys Santa Clara, CA (408) 327-8820 Developmen software Dynamic C Premier is a development environment for the Rabbit 2000 micro- processor. It features all the ftmctionali- ty of previous versions and now includes the MicroCI OS-Il real-time kemel, as well as Fast-Fourier TransfOl'lll (FFT) and TCP l IP capabilities. FFT trans- forms a wavefOl'lll in to its constituent frequencies. WiUl Dynamic C Premier, Rabbit 2000 processors can include pat- tem-recognition, filtering, and interpo- lation in applications for data analysis in areas ranging from earthquakes and oceanic waves to elecu-ical distribution. When using Dyn

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