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• SPECTRA [id] = [ cos(O)sin(O) IiIL] iq - in(O)COS(O) i f! (3) currents, ia> ib, Equation 2 transfonns three phase and i", to a homopolar sys- tem, but- with reference to the stator. This means the values itt and ifJ change rapidly with time. To get to the fixed position on the rotor where IdaJld Iq (cp(/ aJld CPq) aJ-e moving very slowly, we need to make one more change, and dlat is a simple rotation based on the position of dle rotor relative to the stator. An encoder usually supplies dlis aJlgle. This traJlsfonnation is given in Equation 3. Thus, we have one of the most pop- ular and effective algorithm for con- trolling permanent magnet motors. Induction motors We can view an induction mo tor much like a brushless permanen t FIGURE 4 iThree-phase power bridge and Wye wound three-phase motor ... =c ,.~ n t + I "~· )_ Put Li n ux Anywhere™ SMALL ... LARGE ... HIgh-Availability Servers CMA COGENT MODULAR ARCHITECTURE l Wi1ethel' your tal'get design an embedded processol' footprint or is the next mal'Ket:-WlnnlllQ Compact PCl High Availability solution, Lineo delivers a Linux· -based solution to meet your needs. Our uClinux'"-based microcontro liers deliver sub-I M B memory footprints and Lineo's HA Enabler delivers 99.999% reliability on High Availability Compact PCl servers. Cogent Computer Systems, Inc. Tel: 401-295-6505 So partner with Lineo and Put Linux Anywhere. Reference Points -------..... Ij ~-----~------~~ • Smart appliances • Modems • Credit card readers • Radar controls • Industrial automation • Mobile phones • Thin clients To learn more about our tools, support and services, visit us at or call l.BBB.463.7367 LIN E O' 02000 lineD, Put lInll~ Anywh.:re IlJlIl ",Cllnu~ ar. TroJtitmark' of Urii'D, 1"1:, linll~ Is ill r~91sl~l'fiIlrademilrk of linu~ TC)f'vi\l(h Embedded Systems Programming OCTOBER 2000 153

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