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News Vectors oft are d velopm nt t The world market for software development tools and RTOSes is forecast to exceed $918 million in 2000. Driven by the complexities of emerging designs, time-to-market considerations, and the lack of available engineering talent, the simulation-modeling segment of the embedded marketplace is experiencing the greatest growth. The ser- vices segment of the marketplace has become a strategic source of revenue to the embedded industry as vendors continue to find new marketing strategies for differen- tiating their products. In 1999, shipments of embedded software development tools and RTOSes totaled $800.1 million,led by a rapid acceptance of simulation/modeling development tools. Design complexity, the need to thoroughly simulate complex systems (many with hard- ware in-loop), and the ability to automatically generate production quality code have resulted in significant growth for the simulation/marketing segment. Source: Electronics Market Forecasters Group, www.e/ -. -. .. RTOS True IDE Simulation-Modeling SW Tools & IDE Related Services Total .. .. ; North America Europe Asia/ Australia THE NUMBERS GAME Tundra Semiconductor announced a revenue increase of 62% for the second quarter of 2000. The company's net earnings increased 118% . • Virage Logic announced an IPO of 3,750,000 shares priced at $12 per share. With the completion of the IPO, the company has raised gross pro- ceeds of $49.5 million . • VOice Signal Technologies secured $8.4 million in Series C equity financing from a group of investors led by Stata Venture Partners, an investment company that specializes in early- to mid-stage technology companies . • TriQuint Semiconductor report- ed its financials for the second quarter of 2000. Revenues were up $70.6 million, an 85% in- crease over the revenues for the second quarter ofl999. Net income rose 280% to $16.4 million in comparison to the same period ofl999 . • Revenues at Echelon Corpor tion totaled $12.7 million, an increase ofl9% over those from the same period in 1999. nleir net loss for the quar- ter was $508,000, a decrease from the same quarter ofl999 . • BP Micro ystems announced revenues of $11.9 million for the second quarter of 2000, a 125% increase over revenues for the same period last year. 14 OCTOBER 2000 Embedded Systems Programming ' • • • 1999 329.7 86.9 170.6 212.9 186.1 986.2 Tools and RTOS alone 800.1 • . the propulsion fun ctions on Mercury Marine's entire line of outboard marine engines. * CAD- UL and Embedded Power Corporation have teamed up to pair the RTXC RTOS with XDB for RTXC, an OS-aware version of CAD-UL's de- bugging tools. * * Galil Motion Control is re- locating its headquarters to Rocklin, CA, an area just east of Sacramen to. * * Object Technology International announced a di tribution and support agreement with MontaVista Software for Linux-based development tools and em- bedded Java application deployment compo- nents. Nortel Networks has announced that it will use Blue Wave Systems' Com truct COllllllunicatio ns producL in a new Voice over IP system. Technical Support, an Omaha- - 2000 374.2 97.3 212.7 234.2 237 1,155.4 918.4 2001 424.7 109 287.15 265.81 291.51 1,378.2 1,086.7 • • 52.9% 29.2% 17.9% 2002 482.1 122.1 387.65 301 .65 358.56 2003 547.1 136.7 523.32 342.42 441 .03 2004 621 153.1 706.5 388.16 542.5 1,665 1,990.6 2,411 .7 1,293.5 1,549.6 1,869.3 based embedded systems engineeling firm , has completed a project for US Software that ex- pands their RTOS system technology into new telecommunication and ncnvorking markets. * inSilicon * 2Wire has chosen M-Systems' DiskOnChip as the local sto rage device for its fa mil y of HomePortal residential gateways. has licensed the ARM MicroPack and PlimeCell Pe riph e ra ls for use in combin a tion with inSili cons' comlTlunications technology IP. * * Wind River has partnered with QED to opti- mize the Tornado development platform and the VxWorks OS for QED's RM7000 and RM5200 MIPS IUSC processors. LynuxWorks an- * nounced that th e LynxO RTO will now sup- POrt TimeSys Corporation's TimeTrace tool. STMicroelectronics wi lluse Associated Computer Experts' CoSy compiler devel- opmentsystem for ST's embedded system com- pi ler development. an offi ce in West Sussex, England. * * VenturCom has opened Triscend * has li censed th e ARM7TDM1-S RISe micro- processor core for use in next generatjon ARM- powerd C oC products. a company that produces processors for net- work appli ca tio ns, is selling up an In dian Design Center in Banga lore, India. * * IBM and Sierra Monolithics form ed an agree- ment to use IBM 's silicon germanium (SiGe) technology in SMl's microchips for optical net- working equipment. Aisys announced its nagship prod uct, a device driver design envi- ronment named DriveWay ava ilable as a free downl oa d to users of Motorola's 8- bit 68 1 -IC08 fami ly of mi croco nlro ll ers. Intrinsyc Software and MontaVista Software have'fonned an alliance to produce Li nux-based em bedded s),stems. * Lara Networks,

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