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FIGURE Multi-domain testing ;' ;' , . . . -- --, ' / , .... ... " , , , " , , , , , , \ \ I I \ " , / "- .... ------ .- .- ; " . , , Single Domain Integration Test els after running tests in dynamic vel-ifi- cation, debugging in ta rget integration can focus more heavily on the inter- faces between system components and on platform-specific i sues. Multiple \ ..----- Domain Integration Test \ \ \ Modeling embedded systems with UML The effective a pplication of UML models to software engineering fo r challe ngi ng applications-especially in the embedded context-requires a development process that will ensure: I I • Models are rigorous and complete • The resulting system implementa- tion can be o ptimized witho ut impacting the models • The overall architecture of the sys- tem is main tained by the process thro ugh multiple releases and requirement evolution To achieve th ese goals, model- Attention Engineers ... Keil Software C51 is the leading C compiler development suite for the 8051 family of microcontrollers. The features in Version 6 help you write and test your embedded applications faster. Call us to get the latest CD-ROM and FREE evaluation tools . Keil CS1 Benefits • j.JVision2 IDE & debugger speed software development and application testing • Web-based updates keep your tools current • Training at our facility or yours shortens the learning curve • Answers to over 1,000 questions are available around the clock on our web site Keil Software, Inc. 1501 10th Street, Suite 110 Plano, TX 75074 Toll-Free .. .. .... .. . 800-348-8051 Phone .... ... .. ...... 972-312-1107 FAX ........... ........ 972-312-1159 142 OCTOBER 2000 Embedded Systems Programming Upgrade Today ... New Features in V6 • 32-bit programs work with Windows 95/98/NT/2000 and support long fi le names • Three new optimizer levels help shrink program size up to 25% • Integrated source browser • Complete device database sets all compiler, assembler, and linker options for you • Kernel-aware debugging based software engineering employs a translational approach, defined below. This article focuses on adding test sup- port into code using a translational approach, but the techniques can also be applied to manually implemented UML models. Specific aspects of this type of the translational process are introduced in the following section. Analysis The process of modeling an imple- mentation-independent solution to a problem in terms of the problem itself is called analysis. Effective analysis models are rigorous and comple te, and largely free of implementation bi as. The Unified Modeling Language (UML) is a standard notation defined by the OMG for expressing analysi models.3 The work products produced during analysis are: • Domain 17wdel. this is a UML class dia- gram showing the highest level decomposition of tile system in to areas of separate subject matter, cal led domains. These domains are represented as IJadwges, and depen- dency arrows show bridges, which are

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