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Any other way of developing software is • Why slave over writing, validating, debugging and documenting your code ... when you can actually enjoy designing it? We Fee l your pai n. That's why we crea ted Rhapsody®. I t's th e on ly visual UML compliant rea l- t ime appli cat ion so Ftware development environment that simultaneously integrates and automates analysis, des ign, implementati on and test. Our exclu s ive Model-Code Associa- t ivity guarantees that yo ur model :1nd code are always in sync. Change you r model, you r code changes. Or-you won't beli eve th is-change you r code, your model changes. And you won' r even b reak a sweat. Frank ly, Rhapsody is in g. I t automat ica ll y generates readable, deploy- able, product ion-g uali ty C, C + + and Java®. Not just code Frames, but ALL t he cod e. Yo u ca n say goodbye to t he ted ium of manuall y developing make Fil es, s tate mac hin es, communicatio n inFra- structures and the li ke. You ca n also move From o ne RTOS [0 another wi th t he push o r a bu t[On. Yes! With Rhapsody's unigue des ign-level debugging you can visuali ze, eas il y detect and insrandy correct logic and program- ming erro rs. In FJct, you ca n actually test you r appli catio n as you bui ld it. And, wonder of wonders, you can impor t and reuse yo ur legacy code. H ow's th at Fo r fl ex i bl e) Rhap ody use rs J re alreJdy red uc ing their development cyc le by at le;1st 30%. C'mon, whar arc YOLi wa iting Fo r? Rhaps dy lV ill chan ge the way YOLi work. Forever. Visit us at to download a free copy of Rhapsody. Rhapsody® if) 2000 I-Logix Inc. J:IV:I is.1 rcgis ,crcd Iradcll1:lrk or Sun Microsyslcms, Inc.

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