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et Applian , and al Syste EmProve Virtual Application Development and Prototyping (VAD_P™) environment The shortest distance between two points includes the ground we1ve already covered for you. We have covered that ground with the most useful, fiexible , scalable RTOS you can imagine for DSp, 32-, 16-, and 8-bit embedded applications. It's what we do for a living - building it right so that you don't have to. You could write your own d.o.s. (dumb old scheduler), and then try your hand at integrating some file, graphics, and network components. But why? As a proven OS, RTXC has a pre-emp- tive scheduled multitasking real-time kernel with an extensive set of services and sub- systems built in to assure top performance. For example, RTXCnet includes a full array of networking components - from TCP/IP or PPP to web browser/server. All RTXC components are integrated to kernel resources and architected to fully utilize pre-emptive multitasking. We blow the competition's polling-based architectures away - and so will you! Just pick the networking components you need and RTXCnet arbitrates synchronization and interactions between your application, network stack and kernel. RTXCfile32, our MS-DOS compatible file management subsystem can be used on any embedded system that uses RTXC - without regard to the target processor. We have drivers for CD ROM, fioppy disks, hard disks, PCMCIA memory cards, and FLASH or RAM disks. Our drivers can be tai lored to meet your most demanding file-oriented storage device needs. Our RTXCgraphics subsystem endows your development effort with an existing portable graphic user interface library. Video device support is superlative, and fully supports the Rapid Application Development Standard. Supported Processors AMD: x86xx Family, ELAN 3/4/520C, K6 ARM: 6, l /lT, llO, 9T, StrongArm Hitachi: H8/300 Family IBM: PPC 4/6 Infineon: 80C 16x Family Intel: 80x86/386/486 Real Mode, 80x86/386/486/Pentium Family Protected Mode Mitsubishi: M 16C Motorola: DSp, StarCore, M.CORE, MPC500, ColdFire 52xx/53xx, 68K Family, CPU 32 Family, 68HC 16 Family, 68HC 12 Family, and 68HC I I Family Philips: 80C51 XA ST Microelectronic: ST I 0 Texas Instruments: 320C3x/5x/20x/54x '8 Embedded Power CORPORATION U.S. 281-561-9990 email: Europe: +44 (0) 1256474448 email: © 2000 Embedded Power Corporation Trademarks are the property of their respective holders.

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