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Our Heads Together We Put And Came Up With This Great ARM Solution. read X • No Royalties • Fastest RTOS for ARM • Smallest memory requirements • Complete ThreadX source code • Preemption-threshold™ • Picokernel TM • IRQ and FIQ interrupt support • Best IDE for ARM Development • Best ARM Debugger • Best ARM Compiler • Seamless ARM/Thumb interworking • Code Balance TM tuni ng • ThreadX-aware Debugging • Run-time Event Analyzer for ThreadX • ThreadX C Libra ry Integrat ion • Complete ARM simulation 11 .,,11111111111111 ' " 111111111111111,. 1 • ~ U • ." T \\' .\ n t:. I ~ t ' .• fi.·.·.·11 IIUls architecture • Optimized ARM interrupt handling integration, no hitches, no snags, and no surprises_ W hat if the best RTOS in the market combined with the best Compiler, Debugger, and IDE? You 'd get seamless VtlVtIVtI. ghs .comlarmsolutions Well now it's happened. Express Logic's ThreadX'" kernel and Green Hills Software's MULTI'" 2000 IDE have come together to create the industry's most powerful development and run -time solution for deeply embedded applications. With ThreadX you get a royalty-free, source- code RTOS, and state-of-the-art features like preemption-threshold and picokernel design. The advanced MULTI 2000 IDE gives you an Optimizing ClC++ compiler, ThreadX-aware debugging, complete ARM simulation, and the run-time EventAnalyzer for ThreadX. Together, ThreadX and MULTI 2000 are easily the best ARM solution available today. For a free demo CD of the MULTI 2000/ ThreadX solution , call Green Hills Software at 805.965.6044 or visit us on the web at From t h e brains o f Express Logic, Inc. and Green Hills Software, Inc. ph. 805.965.6044 • sales@ghs.colTI • www. ghs.colTl/arlTlsolutions ARM6 ARM7 ARM7M ARM7TDMI ARM7500fe ARM8 ARM9 ARM9E StrongARM Other Processors Supported: • Win3Z • PowerPC • X86 • ColdFire/68K • Hitachi SH • MIPS. NEC V8xx • SPARC • M-Core • TriCore

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