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A 500 ps logic analyzer for $7,000? Where's the glitch? TLA600 Logic Analyzer At $7,000,* you can't afford to miss this one. Here's powerful logic analysis - through a Windows interface - that provides 500 ps timing with up to 200 MHz state on every channel through the same probe. Look for comparable timing analysis elsewhere, and you could spend nearly four times as much. See this and believe. Get your free XYZ's of Logic Analyzers by calling 800-426-2200 x3059 or visit 'TLA600 Senes starts at $7.000 (manufacturer's suggested retail price). CTektronix. Inc. 2000. All (l9hts reserved. TEKTRONIX is a registered trademark, and the Tektronix logo is a trademark of Tektronix, Inc. All others are propertIeS of thar holders. Tektronix~ /

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