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Start with the platform that lets you dive right in. The QNXe realtime platform: Download it FREE at Download the QNX realtime platform ond immediately start building your next prototype. More than just an eval or demo, the download includes the full distribution of the QNX realtime platform and is yours free* for unlimited non-commercial use. Simply contact us when you're ready to create commercial product. Once you get the QNX realtime platform, you'll know how to use it. That's because it's engineered from the ground up to support POSIX APls and other standards. And built-in Linux compatibility means you can port most Linux apps. You'll be more productive, too . The QNX realtime platform includes source for most components, including driver toolkits , OS utilities, TCP liP stacks, startup code, games, and more. All on a market-proven RTOS with an architecture that's not only friendlier to work with, but boosts reliability and performance. So download the QNX realtime platform and dive right in . You' ll build feature-rich, reliable products faster- and get the competitive edge you need to win in your market. What you get: • microkemel RTOS • embeddable GUI • rich set of OS modules • hundreds of utilities and libraries • drivers (disk, graphics, networking, USB, etc.) • web browser • media players and plug-ins, including RealPlayer™ and Flash Player • complete self-hosted development environment, including GNU toolchain • and much more •.. • All GNX technologies ore free licensing fees for third·party software may apply. or call: 1 800 676-0566 C 2000, ONI Sollwoft Sysl.mllld. aNI Is a ttgiSl.f.d Irodemor., and 'Build a more fellahl. world' Is a Irademork, 0/ ONI Soh.Clr, SYII.mslrd. All arher trademarks btlong 10 rheilitsp.criyt o .. n.n.

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