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BIG FEATURES SMALL FOOTPRINT With thousands of embedded applications and 25 years in the business, U S Software continues to build cutting-edge, yet compact development tools. Our software has a history of acclaimed performance and features: • Compact- Even with industry-leading innovations our small footprint saves you valuable space. • Fast- Optimized design ensures quick, efficient performance. • Customizable- Source code is included to give you complete control .* • • *NetpeerTM is delivered as a library. U S SCFTWAAE® 7175 NW Evergreen Pkwy. Suite 100 Hillsboro, OR 97 124 EMBEDDED EXCELL E NC E 800-356-7097 www.ussw.coM TEL: 503-844-6614 • FAX: 503-844-6480 • EMAIL: • In the beginning there was silicon. Then, there was U S Software. And throughout, our engineers have crafted software and provided technical support designed to ensure your success. • • • • USNET Embedded TCP/IP protocols, Internet Access Package, SNMP and Embedded Webserver. SUPERTASK! Multitasking RTOS development suite. ITRON 2.x/3.x API available. US FILES Windows/DOS compatible file system with CompactFiash and CD-ROM support. NETPEER Distributed networking platform with compre- hensive desktop inter- face including GUI, database, multimedia and more. SUPERPEG " Embedded GUI for SuperTask!"' IRPRO lrDA protocol stack with SIR and FIR

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