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from $2,295* Since the advent of mixed analog and digital designs, it seems you need more channels, more memory and triggering capability than ever to clearly see your signals. Now you can see them as never before, on the 54600 Series Oscilloscopes from Agilent Technologies. On our Agilent 546220 model, you can watch analog and digital signals interact simultaneously, through a combination of two scope channels and 16 logic channels. And all of our 54600 Series scopes offer our MegaZoom® Deep Memory technology with 2 MB of memory per channel, so you can easily look deep into MCU-based designs. In fact. the combination of deep memory and our patented new high-definition display system uncovers signal subtleties other scopes can't begin to show you. 1 . : 1 As for getting your tough measurement questions answered, at Agilent Technologies ;ou can talk to another engineer just by calling our toll-free number. And of course, we'll understand if you don't just take our word for it when we tell you how these scopes can improve how well you see into your design. You'll probably want to see the scope in action. No problem. You can arrange a demo of any Series 54600 scope with no obligation. Or visit our web site for an on-line demo. Either way, we think you'll enjoy the view. .. 1-800-452-4844;· Ext. 6847 · US hst pnce ~2000 Agilenl Technolog1es AOEPJII66010/ESP •• Jn canada, talll-877-894·441 4, Ext 6847 . . . .. ••••• . .. . ••••• . . Agilent Technologies Innovating the HP Way

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