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Why should your mobile apps be uninformed when all your data can be synchronized? PointBase UniSync let's your apps sync peer-to-peer and sync up with all the big guys like Oracle, DB2, and SQL Server. Don't be fooled. A few database companies will cloud the issue with foggy messages about data ubiquity, when some can't even sync with themselves! Sidestep all the fog and mist about synchronization control. PointBase UniSync provides an intuitive and complete pure Java API that lets your application call all the shots. We are a participating member of the SyncM L Consortium so we employ all the synchronization standards today and we know what's coming tomorrow. Lightning fast even on a cloudy day! From mobile/wireless devices to lap-tops to servers, PointBase UniSync allows you to create global data management and synchronization networks that get data moving rapidly from hubs to spokes to all corners of the enterprise ... and back again. It's hard to predict what clouds will do. Your data, however, needs to be secure and needs to move to where it's needed in a predictable way. PointBase UniSync offers full encryption and conflict resolution capabilities to support enterprise data synchronization around the block and around the world. Point Base Managing data anywhere, anytime. NEW: Free Eva/ copy of PointBase UniSync for building powerful data synchronization platforms and networks. Call us at: (877) 238ยท8798 Toll Free NEW: Free Eva/ copy of PointBase Embedded Server 3 -3 pure Java database. NEW: Cut through the fog with your own copy of our Synchronization White Paper.

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