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Michael Barr EDITORIAL DIRECTOR Lindsey Vereen, lvcrccn@cmp.conl EDITOR IN CHIEF Mich.u:l Uarr, mlnu MANAGING EDITOR Fclisa Yang,•n EDITOR AT LARGE Alex Wolfe, :m• EDITORIAL ASSISTANT Tiznoth)' ••llivan , tsulli\' Jnck C. . .anss lc Jerome L Krasm·z CONSULTING TECHNICAL EDITORS ·, PhD CONTRIBUTING EDITORS j:1ck W. Crenshowo' Lany Miuag Don Mozbr.\11 Dan Saks PUBLISHER Eric 1\crg, (1 115) 278-5220 NATIONAL SALES MANAGER Stephen Corrick, (323) 5 12-<11 00 EASTERN REGIONAL SALES MANAGER O:tmou Cra!T, (78 1) 839-1285 EASTERN SALES REPRESENTATIVE Jared Czimm, (78 1) 839-1286 CALIFORNIA SALES MANAGER Ancl•es Di:1L. (1 115) 27S..5274 CALIFORNIA SALES ASSOCIATE Mollr Bnm'i, (4 15) 278-5298 WESTERN ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE Sam Louis, (4 15) 278-522~ PRODUCTION COORDINATOR M:11Lhew Powt.~ll CIRCULATION MANAGER Jcnnift.·r Schuler CIRCULATION ASSISTANT ~ l ich:u:-1 F:Liabclla , CIRCULATION DIRECTOR Susan l la1-pe1 SUBSCRIPTION CUSTOMER SERVICE roll I •·ec: (877) 676-971 15

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