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Haven't you got better things to do than integrate someone else 's microprocessor core? Thought so. Wouldn't you appreciate a 32-bit microprocessor you can configure yourself. so it integrates into your system like a dream? Thought so again. But then you usually wake up. Not this time. When you configure the ARC. you automatically generate the tool chain. the interfaces and code that allows the ARC core to integrate smoothly and seamlessly into your system-on-chip. Leaving you time to design new features not glue logic. ARC also provides the ARChitect configuration and customiz.ation tool. as well as full hardware source code. so future changes will be a breez.e - not a breakdown. The ARC user-configurable processor makes it easier and quicker, from beginning to end. Which is why our customers - and your competitors - are getting to market faster . Download a free demonstration of the ARC processor configuration tool at It won't just make your day shorter. It'll make your day. microprocessors by Start thinking.

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