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"now, I haue the tools to keen my project on time." I remember when I budgeted for my project. I refused to spend money on debug tools. I didn't think I would need them. The money I saued would make me a hero. now, my project is one month, two months ... six months ouerdue. nobody thinks I'm a hero. What would I giue to get some of that time back? Microtek debug tools can make time. They speed up development and testing, saving you precious time at the end of the project, where you need it most! Microtek emulators offer the debug features you need to track down and correct software, hardware, and system integration issues. They can fi nd the errors software debuggers cannot see. Finall y, if there is a subtle issue during the integration of hardware, Microtek EA emulators are capable of prov iding a clock-cycle-by- clock-cyc le trace that allows you to view each signal and determine whether it was in the correct state. Microtek's tools are clearly superior to software debug solutions. URGENT! If you are developing a Pentium class target using a reference design or off-the-shelf board, please take a moment to speak with our staff. They will insure your design is on track, and tool friendly if debug is needed in the future. Fi rst, emulators can debug before the operating system is functioning. If an unexpected issue is affecting boot up, an emulator can fi nd it. They are also ope~ati on a l after a hard crash. This is signifi cant, because softwm·e debuggers lose debug information. M icrotek emulators keep track of the last 128 KB of bus cycles, allowing you to sift through and fi nd the problem. There has never been a project that couldn 't use more time when it's critical ... like in final testing when everything has come together ... or in final debug, when everything is going down in flames. Wouldn 't it be great to deli ver your next project on time? Next time, be sure to put a Microtek emulator in your project plan from the start. It will help take the knot out of your stomach. And it will improve your company's bottom line! MICROTEK I N -C IRCUIT E MU L A T ORS 1 (800) 886-7333 Phone (503) 533-4463 Additional interfaces: CAD/UL ® and Wind river Tornado II® Financing Available Fax (503) 533-0956 Email - in fo@mi

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