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USNE~ EMBEDDED TCP/IP ln·Ciroult lrnul•tor tor Iemen• Cfll I CIOO '•'"'" • Emulates at maximum ·I ·p speed t33MHZ) • High-level ;upport or a popular ( -compilers c " f II • Set hardware and software breakpoints d • 256K to 1M external po memory available L . • Customizable register Windows • Optional trace board j N ohau's EMUL166-PC supports the lnfineon Technologies (166 fami ly of microcontrollers, including C167CR, C167SR, C165, C163, C161 Rl and their associated Xperipherals. The EMUL 166-PC emulator system consists of a card whi h connects to the PC's printer port (LPTx:), and a pod ( ontaining the controller, memory and logic) and a cable connecting the two. The pod con- sists of two PCB boards with the abi lity to connect to a thi rd board for tracing capabilities. The option- al trace board can record and trig- ger on internal ROM and external buses. External trigger in/out is also avai lable. EMUL 166-PC Features: supports the lnfineon Technologies CSOO fami ly including the CSOSC, CSOSCA and 515C. noHau CO RPORATION 51 E. ampbell Ave. Campbell, A 95008-2053 TEL: (408) 866-1820 FAX: (408) 378-7869 E-Mail : sa URL: hnp:// TH E D EVELOPMENT S YSTEMS COM PANY f ASHLING Need Embedded Development Tools for TriCore? Go to TQM167U woth One Source One Manufacturer Every Tool up to 2MB SRAM up to 2MB Flash EEPROM 2 s ri&llntorfacc 2 CAN lntN facc 7-Scgmcnt Display all Microcontrollcr Pins avao table Dimension only 44 K 54 mm• Evaluatoon & ApplocMoon Board available • Processor and RTOS independent • Supports Network Address Translation (NAT) TEL: 1-800-356-7097 503-844-6614 FAX: 503-844-6480 1:8:1 phyCORE Modules NEW GENERATION SINGLE BOARD COMPUTERS __....~W~~c" .. ··· • Insert-ready sub-mini SBCs (small as 47x55 mm.) supporting the lnfinean Cl6lxx & Cl67Cx • 32 KB Ia 2 MB external SRAM & Flash (canlraller-dependenl) • Flash Tools enable an-board in-system (ISP) programming • RS-232, RS-485, & CAN intenaces; ADC; Chip-Seled signals • low EMI design achieved via GND circuitry, 6 to 8 layer PCB, by-pass capacitor grid ond short signal traces achieved via small fonprint and use of 0402 SMD passive components • Controller signals extend to high-density Molex (0.625 mm.) header pins on two sides of the board • Available in Rapid Development Kits including Development Board, AC adapter, serial cable and SPECTRUM CD-ROM with eval software tools (Keil, TASKING), Flash Tools, eledronic documentanon and demos (800) 278·9913 lnlineon Technologies 8-, 1 G-, and 32 -Bit Hardware & Sottware Development Tools Support • ANSI C source code is included and there are no royalties • Compact code size U S SCFTWAREa EMBEDDE D E XCELLE N CE C167CR or C167CS

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