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State-of-the-Art Emulation II Don' t waste Your time ••• Download Free software today, and confi~:,•ure your embedded design wid1 your mouse! \\:o~fcr'o(.<~lc now offer .. 16-hit H:r ... ion' of our J>OJ>ubr /.:l1.qHA.'lll · l~lh. ·nu.: l(,.bit l'SD1tMJO 'eric.; intc· w.atc' j\Jb of Fl:a~h pi"O);r:tm .-.torc,lS6Kh of concurren t l· l:t,h, 6 iKh of <.·h· l-".id ~ItA \I , pn.~gr.munahh: lo~k. :mll :td\~mccd in-l>)'!.tcm Jlrogr:unrning c:tp:thilitil·., unhl :t .'li n~lc chip 11tc new de\ icC' arc cunflJ.t· ur,~;hlc whh the same c:tsy In u~. poi nt click dc,clupmcnt/ 1>0flware .. IJSOsufc Express. The MJftwom.· J.tuidc:o rou thro the entire dc ... ign from conli).turin).t the MCU imcrf:tcc and -.clcct i n)o\ the 1'~0. tu progr:unmi n~ the code :md firmware into the P:O.D .. All in lc'-' tlm11 2 huur!'>! Vl.!>l l I he l/Rt below tcKI;I)' te l lc:m1 mcm: :chout the I~DiOOO :!>Cricl'>,:md to dowltload your FREE cop)' ofi~D:o,cJ ft !ZxprCS!-1. www. 7 .html 'f::_ 'E ~alel$' W:crc~"atc.lJSA 'td r~~ '5 Hk'>"i~·"i9t6 lnfo ...... ~fcr,c._"::lccum W:.fcnK"alc- I~UKOPE li.:l H- l f>tJj20 1!0 lnH· J.(,tH.!H.!I') w~lfr.lnlo..'i!'w~tu~.ll'um W:cfcn.calc·AMA 'IC:I Kll ... fl l l lKl F;u,K.!-l-~6 1 - l.!lH Hitex Development Tools provides proven solutions for most popular microcontrollers, including debugging tools, in-circuit emulators and analyzers for C167/ST10, TriCoreTM, 8051,251, C5oo,M5P430,68HCo8/n/12,x86 and Pentium•. For more detailed information visit us ••• with the wrong tools hitex- DEVELOP M EN T TOOLS Hitex Gennany Tel.: +49-721-9628-o Fax: +49-721-9628-149 Hitex USA Tel.: +1-800-45-HITEX Fax: +1-408-733 6320 HitexUK Tel.: +44-24-766g2o66 Fax, +44-24·76692131 HitexAsia Tel.: +65-566-7919 Fax: +65-563-7539 lnlineon Technologies 8-, 18-, and 32-Bit Hardware & Software Development Tools Support

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