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departments internet appliance design 69 CONNECTING ••• Internet Working The Internet Protocol (IP) is the glue that holds an internet together. In this month's column, Michael presents the IP layer implementation that is the core of his J.~.C/N et stack. BY MICHAEL BARR Cover Story Open Source Point/Counterpoint: 78 Are Open Source and Innovation Compatible? According to the popular wisdom of the moment. open source software is the way of the future. But can the purveyors of free software really innovate? BY NIALL MURPHY Counterpoint Open Source is Already Delivering One need not speculate about the benefits of open source software. Just look to its past accomplish- ments. The future holds more of the same. BY BILL GATLIFF - p. 88 95 Ready or Not: IPv6 is Coming The World Wide Web is no longer just workstations. servers, and PCs. It's now also PDAs, cell phones. and automobiles. The old protocols of the Internet cannot handle these millions of devices. IPv6 is coming and you're going to have to be ready. BY STEPHEN HARPSTER 109 Embedded Internet Tools 5 #INCLUDE Embedded Ubiquity BY MICHAEL BARR ] PARITY BIT 11 NEWS VECTORS 189 NEW PRODUCTS 199 BOOK REVIEW Doing Hard Time BY JEFFREY TAYLOR 204 RECRUITMENT 211 MARKETPLACE 216 ADVERTISER INDEX columns 17 The Topic That Would Not Die Locked in battle with his twin nemeses-Dell and PROGRAMMER'S TOOLBOX minimization-Crenshaw pines for the good old days and gains some mathematical ground. BY JACK W. CRENSHAW 113 PROGRAMMING POINTERS Numeric Literals Every literal has a type. It may not be obvious, and it may vary across platforms, but the standard does specify it precisely. BY DAN SAKS 179 Field-Oriented Control Three-phase motors require proper care and feeding. SPECTRA Field-oriented control makes this easier. BY DON MORGAN 219 Repair or Replace An engineer's adventures in paradise: Jack shares BREAK POINTS what he's learned from watching engineers make do in the Bahamas. BY JACK G. GANSSLE

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