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Page 38 of 229 For more information. Tlffie for NT Embedded, Wmdows 2000, orWmdowsCE As Part of Your Next Product? How will you handle: ..- High Availability ..- Quality of Service ..- Real-Time Performance ..- Code Portability ..- Time to Market Constraints ..- Training & Licensing Time to call VenturCom! VenturCom offers the Licenses and Technology to enhance the Quality of Service in your next generation of "Intelligent Connected Equipment." (ICE) VenturCom call 800-334-8649 online www. Intel· Co~Jfl~r~ ng Provider Applied Copyright ©2000 lentur<:orn, Inc. All rights r~?Sen'€<1. All br:u1d and produc1 names are trademarks of I heir n>Spective owners.

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