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·c;, 0 < "' C) Q) in the documentation file that is generated by DAvE. Every controller that is sup- ported by DavE 2.0 comes with the complete original docu- mentation and DAvE 2.0 also offers direct links to related topics in the manual. Inside each configuration mask, any additional entries to the latest configuration. The soft- ware interface is already supported by many lnfineon tool partners such as Keil, Tasking, Greenhills, Hitex, pls, nohau, Lauterbach and Appliware. The DAvE SDK - Develop your own Add-Ins DAvE 2.0 includes a complete Software Development Kit (SDK). This allows the de- veloper to implement his own Add-Ins, as well as derivatives accessing the complete data- base of DAvE - includes manuals and SFR definitions_ Implementations are based on a VBA-like scripting language. The SDK comes with a dialog editor for custom DAvE controls as well as a template generator that develops the complete Add-In framework for the developer. A packaging wizard wraps the final product into a ready-to-go setup. The SDK is fully documented and an API reference is also additionally provided. DAvE's On-line manual can be selected that are directly related to the selected mask settings. The Tool Connection DavE 2.0 offers a software interface allowing tool partners to directly communicate with DAvE and it's database. Via the interface, 3rd party tools can receive information about the generated code and the The amount of available derivatives for DAvE are con- stantly growing. To keep DAvE up-to-date, lnfineon keeps the latest implementations on the DAvE website avail- able for download. Go to www.infineon .com/dave to get the latest product infor- mation, a FAQ list, updates, news, new Add-Ins and dis- cussions on DAvE. The website also provides an ordering number for DAvE. Just write an eMail or FAX to obtain DAvE. For comments, suggestions and questions write to: DAvE will help you compare and evaluate the different members of lnfineon's 8-, 16- and 32-bit families of microcontrollers and help you find the right chip for your em- bedded control application. www.i n fine on . com/dave ~ c 0 "' 0 0 0 @ Configuration cha lenges worldwide .<: u 0 c Q) .!':' :£ {PERPETUAL THINKING PROCESS} INFINEON CYCLE DAvE 2-0 is invented Configuring was never this easy Engineers now have more time technologies Never stop thinking. Visit us at Embedded Systems Conference 2000, Booth# 1020

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