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DAvE's DAvE 2 .0 - The Digital Application virtual Engineer from lnfineon Technologies. DAvE Who? DAvE stands for Digital Ap- plication virtual Engineer and is lnfineon Technologies' code generator for their range of 8-, 16- and 32-bit Micro- controllers. It provides initial- ization, configuration and driver code to ease pro- gramming for beginners as well as experts. DAvE comes with an easy to use windows user Interface running on Win- dows 95/98 and Windows NT. DAvE is now available in version 2.0 free of charge from lnfineon Technologies. Working with DAvE means that you can select your controller, click on the peri- pherals of your controller, select the functionality of your controller and tell DAvE to generate the appropriate code for you. The only work that remains for you to do is to write the application itself. Even then, DAvE will generate detailed documentation for your project. The tooltip help provides detailed help on every dis- abled control - even giving reasons for why it's disabled. This will increase the ease of system configuration and allows developers to under- stand the controller in it's full functionality. Having multiple dialog boxes that can be kept open at the same time provides easy visual display of dependencies between various peripherals of a controller. A register exp lorer also allows you to follow up changes of the configuration Back! in the settings of registers. The explorer gives one-click access to the complete range of registers within the con- troller that the engineer is working with. The register- view provides information on the register address, the reset value, as well as the current value based on the confi guration. (Visual Basic for Applica- tions) like Script language DAvE comes with SDK (Software Development Kit) toolchain, including Dia- log editor, Template gen- erator, Setup wizard, Deployment wizard and complete documentation. The SDK supports the Add-In interface as well as New Setup that allows you to install DavE 2.0 with only the necessary com- ponents completely on the hard disk Setup includes automatic web update for compo- nents Add-in interface that allows complete access to the DAvE database from inte- What's new in DAvE 2.0? The enti rely new program source code enables DavE 2.0 to follow new and innovative object-orientated concepts The new MDI (Multiple Document Interface) User interface allows all config- uration masks to be open at the same time It's programmable via VBA the derivative implemen- tation interface Software Interface for 3rd party tool integration New register viewer, scale- able window showing reg- ister address, reset value, current value (due to configuration) as well as highlighted bits affected by the last change in settings New File Explorer grated components and features seamless integra- tion of additional capa- bilities Support of more than 20 lnfineon derivatives Support of the new 32-bit TriCore architecture Improved help system Enhanced code generation Improved error handling. Possible problems are shown

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