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0 u ..c c.. ..:::.:::: 0 0 E V) Math Toolkit for Real-Time Programming You get a solid course in applied math from Jack Crenshaw, the renowned columnist of Embedded Systems Programming magazine - and a versa- tile set of algorithms to use in your own projects! ISBN 1-929629-09-5 $49.95 TCP/IP lean TCP/ IP demystified! You get a clear, hands-on explanation of TCP/IP programming and source code for a complete, compact TCP/IP stack that can be used to create a web server for your real- time systems. ISBN 1-929629-11-7 $49.95 MicroC/OS-11 C Programming for Embedded Systems Get up and running fast with this clear presentation of 8-bit MCU development principles and demon- stration project, complete with schematics, a parts list , and sample code. Learn the details of device- specific hardware development - from preliminary software design to implementation of a working consumer product. ISBN 1-929629-04-4 $29.95 Learn the inner workings of an RTOS! This latest release of MicroC/ OS has been completely revised and includes many new features. It is a completely portable, ROMable, preemptive real- time kernel. Complete code is included for use in your own applications. ISBN 0-87930-543-6 $69.95 Find CMP books in your local bookstore call : 800-500-6875 e-mail : cmp©

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