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Any other way of developing software is • Why slave over writing, validating, debugging and documenting your code ... when you can actually enjoy designing it? We feel yo ur pain. That's why we crciltcd Rhapsody®. Tc 's th e on ly visua l UI\IIL compli ant rea l-rim e appli cation software development environment char simultaneously integrates and aucomatcs analys is, design , implementation and res t. Our exc lu sive Model- ode Associa- ti vity guil rilntecs that yo ur model and code arc always in sync. hangc your model, your code changes. O r-you won't beli eve chi s-change yo ur code, yo ur model changes . And yo u won't even break il SWC;l[. Frankl y, Rhapsody is < < tedium o f man uall y developing makefilc s, scare machines, communicat ion infra- stru ctu res and rh c like. You can also move from one RTOS co another with che push of <1 butron. Yes! Wich R.hapsody 's unigue des ign-level lmaz in g. It lutomaci cil ll y generates reildablc, deploy- able, prod ucc ion-gu .1 r·cgi:.ll'rcd rradcmark o( Sun l\'l ici'Osysu~m~. l rlc. I-Logix® Visit us at Embedded Systems Conference 2000, Booth# 1914

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