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Pentium Work Horse 8051 and derivatives Intel 80196 I 80296 This remarkable tool utilizes ActiveX technology to provide fast, cycle~accurate simulation of CPU, interrupts, and on-chip peripherals. Add your own Act lveX controls to simulate off-chip peripherals, ASICs, and even entire systems! Attach to HTML Act iveX controls to mockM up and test your Interface! Interface to your HOL simulator for hardware/software co-verification! Download a 30-Day Trial Today! www 905-27 4-6244 FAX:905-891-2715 888·860·9 57 5 Embedded Systems P rogramming Marketplace E ast Coas t Sa l es Damon Graff 781 . 839 . 1285 Cal i f o rnia S a l es Andres Diaz 415.278 . 5274 Wes t Coa s t Sal e s Sam Louis 415 . 278.5223 ISO 9001 • email: • 386-Pentium II SBCs • 3-14 Slot Chassis • Solid State Disks • Ethernet - 10/100 mps • Up to 350 MHz • LCDfVGA support • Compact - 7" x 4.8" EMBEDDED INTERNET MADE EASY! with the DOS c.: .. ~.~ • Free TCP/IP, PPP, Mini-server • Easy to Use • Low Cost • Low Power • Tiny Size • High Speed • DOS Environment Easy Software Oevelopmenl: Use your CJC++ or Bas~ com- piler to produce DOS EXE. Downklad EXE to flash disk via serial port. EXE runs on power up. Standard Features: BIOS & DOS·ROM, 128K flash disk, 512K SRAM, 40 MHz AM188ES CPU, 16 digitall/0 (opto rack inter· face) , 2 RS-232, 2 timer/counters, simple bus interlace, real· time clock with timed power-up Options: 8-ch 12-bit ADC, flash disks up to 288MB, 1 RS-485 Tiny Size, Low Power: 2"x2.6', SV @ 200 rnA at full speed. Visit for info, prices, and FAQs . :;-, ~AGOTRONDC .. ~ 2900-1 Crescent Drive Tallahassee, FL 32308 850-942-7905 phone & fax Now ... GUI and LCD Control in a Single Package! J/4 VGA, 3.8", Monochrome Display - with ultra- bright backlight and fully-integrated analog touch panel Dedicated GUI Controller - manages the GUI, interaciS with the user, ~md controls the LCD Processor Independent - easily interfaces to most microprocessors (8/16/32-bil and even DSPs) HTML-Based GUI - converts from liTML, JPEG, and GIF into small , quickly-executable Amulet J.IHTML TM pages Replaces Traditional GUI Library - No library porting, complex GUI programming, or RTOS required Visit our website at: or phone us today at ( 408) 244-0363 -~- Amulet Technologies / I '. GUI Engines For Embedded Systems Standard RS232 Interlace - Up to 115.2 Kbps, cable included 64K-Bytes of Onboard Flash Memory - For storing hundreds of Amulet J.IHTML pages that you create See Us at Embedded Systems Conference 2000, Booth 8053 ©2000 ~o~HTML is o Trademark of Amulet Technologies. U.S. Patents Pending. Embedded Systems Programming SEPTEMBER 2ooo 215

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