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The book comes with a CD-ROM that includes demos for Rhapsody, a "fully constructive UML Visual Programming Tool" and TimeWiz, an "integrated tool for timing analysis." The former is a competi tor to Rational Rose. The latter performs timing and schedulabili ty analysis. Douglass is the Chief Evangelist for i-Logix, the devel- oper of Rhapsody. Both demos are crippled versions that will not save your work. I walked through the tutor- ial for Rhapsody. It looks promising. The statechart animation and debug- ger is by far the most interesting fea- ture. I don't have one of the support- ed C++ compilers (Visual C++ 4.0 and 5.0, Borland C++ 5.0.2, Tornado 1.0, pRISM+ PPC 2.2.2, or pRISM+ 2.2.6) and was unable to try it out. The instal- lation notes indicate that the demo version does not have statechart ani- mation, only the high-end develop- ment package. Disappointing choice. Both Rhapsody and TimeWiz require a significant investment of time to use properly. I suppose you could enter an already worked out project just to evaluate them. I'd want to road test something like this over the lifetime of a small project before committing a fu ll-blown project to it. My suggestion to manufacturers is limit the size of the model, not the capabilities or use time. It isn't many projects, even toy or personal ones, that can be completely developed and the documentation updated in 30 days (or however long you can keep the program running without exiting) . Overall I like this book and intend to consult it on a regular basis. It is a book for working software developers (people who are already "doing hard time"), not undergraduate computer science students. Following its advice is a lot of work up front to save time in the long run. To appreciate it, you have to have already experienced that "quick and dirty" isn't quick. The mark of a great book is how it holds up over the long haul. By this measure, Doing Hard Time is a very good book. Having read it through Embedded Systems Programming SEPTEMBER 2000 203 once, it now sits on the bookshelf next to my workstation for road testing. It's going to take a year or two of use to fully absorb. My preliminary judgment is that if you write software with multi- ple concurrent inputs and you are looking for a better way to build soft- ware, read this book. esp Jeffrey L. Taylor has been a software engi- neer for over 25 years. About half of this time has been devoted to embedded and real-time systems. His current research areas are open source software, Linux, and soft- ware development. He may be reached at jeff taylor@ieee. org. Protecting Your World Kidde-Fenwal is recognized the world over for excellence and leader- ship in the development and manufacturing of fire protection systems and commercial/industrial controls. We are also recognized for the outstanding salaries, comprehensive benefits packages and real advancement opportunities we pro- vide our employees. Spark up a new career with Kidde-Fenwal. Software Engineers Experienced professionals of varied skill levels to design, develop and implement embedded and PC applica- tion software to support products in the fire detection and alarm industry. Responsibilities also include the analy- sis and investigation of major software engineering project tasks; the definition of design specifications and analysis to system architecture requirements; the development and application of major routines and software test plans and the resolution of difficult hardware/ software compatibility and interface design considerations. Selected candidate will have a BSEE, CSCS or equivalent and at least 3 years experience in embedded soft- ware development using C,Assembly and C++. Background using Hitachi, SGS Thomson, and Motorola 68332 processors is a plus. RTOS and object oriented design experience desired. A strong background in data communica- tions and networking with knowledge of process instrumentation and indus- trial controls is helpful. Opportunities also exist for a leadership role. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer. Electrical Engineers We seek a degreed (BSEE or MSEE) individual with 3 or more years of electronic design experience with a background in low power analog cir- cuits, digital circuits, embedded micro- processor systems, printed circuit board/electronic packaging. Industrial control hardware design experience (analog and micro based) desirable. Experience with embedded software development a plus. The successful candidate will have proven project management skills to take on a high level of responsibility for new product development in a cross functional team environment ranging from new product specification through design, test, approval, introduc- tion and support within budgets and schedules. Positions also available utilizing Assembly language on 8-bit micro- controllers. We offer a competitive salary and excellent benefits, including health, dental, life and disability coverage as well as retirement and 40 I (k). Qualified candidates should forward their resumes to: Human Resources Kidde-Fenwal, Inc. 400 Main Street, Ashland, MA 0 1721 or fax to: (508) 881-6134, or e-mail to:

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