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example, I am not yet convinced of the value of the direct execution of models (for example, simulating the system inputs and watching an anima- tion of the state d iagrams). A lot depends on the quality of the tool. UML is a language and as with any language, it takes some time to devel- op fluency. The book includes a whole ection of statechart patterns that are worthwhile in their own right and as practice to develop fluency. Most pat- terns I've seen have been class dia- gram patterns. This is the first time I have seen patterns of temporal behav- ior. It's one of the ideas that made me say, "yeah, that's it." I recommend this book with a caveat, however: it's full of cynical foot- notes. For example, the footnote to the sentence "One problem that arises with environmental interaction is that the universe has an annoying habit of disregarding our opinions of how and when it ought to behave" reads "It is like teenagers in this regard." In a pre- vious job, I sat next to Lany McAlister, one of the peer reviewers for the book, " "OING HARD TIME 'IL, 0RJE Df:I'ELOPIXG Rf.AI .·TLIIE V iTE.II II'ITII FRA~I£11 ORKS, AXD P ITF.RX IUH f I : J•c)\\ I I . I)(Jl(.l , \._, roo_,.,.., by Gr•dy Booch f1•t-Sot!•.,•C<>'po<•t...., One per-son's cymosm is another person's truth. One of the book's dia- grams includes Translation Defects (for example, compiler bugs) as an input to the development process. Is this true? Unfortunately, yes. Is mak- ing th is explicit useful? Only as far as naming one of the many fudge factors that go into making an estimate. The size of this book- 750 pages- while he was going over the proofs. I sometimes wish he or one of the edi- tors had deleted even more of the cyn- ical footnotes. Too much cynicism leads to apathy, not action. is both a strength and a weakness. Reading it takes a week or two. If you read it at bedtime, it will take even longer. This is dense, deep stuff. On the plus side, the extended length allows multiple examples and views of the important points. My understand- ing of several key points of UML and OOA/ D deepened while reading this book. Multiple views (for example, architecture, analysis, and design class diagrams) of the underlying model are included, not a single class dia- gram that is elaborated over time. ERTFS - EMBEDDED REAL TIME FILE SYSTEM Since 1987 in Hundreds of Applications Worldwide Selected as the File System for Several Major Embedded Operating Systems DOS/Win95/FAT32 Compatible Simple OS and CPU Porting Layer Contiguous File Support Realtime Extensions Includes Support for IDE, Floppy, ROM/RAM Disk, PCMCIA, Compact Flash CDROM Support Available I 00% 'C' Source Code • Royalty Free Only $4500°0 'OU ~ 4J J'Oftwa'~-~ ~~(\ed Sy.J' ... Visit Our Web Site at : ('>"? TOLL FREE I 800 428-9340 Outside U.S. Call 978 448 9340 emai l: Embedded Systems Programming SEPTEMBER 2000 201

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