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New Products lOBaseT Ethernet network. Standard feature include a 4x20 character dis- play with backlighting, a tacti le feed- back keypad with customizable leg- end, RS-232/ RS-485 serial ports, eight general purpose 1/0s, flash, and 128KB SRAM. Full TCP / IP source code is provided along with Dynamic C Premier, which is software consisting of an editor, a compiler, and a debug- ger. Ethernet drivers for the Realtek NE2000 chipset, which allows OEMs to write directly to TCP or UDP sockets, are incl uded, as are software drivers for TCP / IP, 1/ 0, keypad, LCD, and speakers. The Intellicom series comes in two versions. The OP6700 costs $289. The OP6600 is $219, but does not feature Ethernet connectivity. They are both available now. Z-World Davis, CA (530) 757-377 www. zworld. com Custom C++ Code Compliance Analysis since 1984! CODEFIX@ Version 2.0 C++ CODE MAPPING CODEF/X Version 2.0 is a pro- grammable tool for modifying all C and C++ source code on a file or project basis. • Obfuscation and shrouding for C++ programs. • Insertion of code for dynamic runtime testing. • Database generation from C++ source code. PCYACC@ Version 9.0 PROFESSIONAL LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT TOOLKIT Includes "Drop In " Language Engines for SOL, dBASE, POSTSCRIPT, HYPERTALK, SMALLTALK-80, C++, C, PASCAL, PROLOG, FORTRAN, COBOL, BASIC, SGML, ASN, RP~REX~PL1, SNA, RTF, VISUAL BASIC, SQL2, DB2, VHDL, HTML, VMRL, JAVA, ODMG-ODL/OOL, SQL3, MODULA-3, DELPHI, VBS, and ADA. • Portable Object Oriented Classes for C++ and JAVA- Error, Symbol Table, Syntax Tree, Yacc, and Lex. CODECHECK® Version 9.0 SOURCE CODE ANALYST Includes "Drop-In" Rules for Compliance analysis, Adherence to specifications, Measures of complexity, Silent error detection, Code maintainability, and Portability. • Maintainability - CODECHECK identifies and measures complex, sloppy, and hard to maintain code. • Compliance - CodeCheck allows your corporate coding and project specification standards to be com- pletely automated for compliance validation. 30 day Money back guarantee! Free AIR Shipping anywhere in the world! ABRAXAS'" Software,lnc. 4726 S.E. Division St. Portland, OR 97206 TEL (503) 232·0540 FAX (503) 232-0543 E-Mail: To Order Call 1-800-34 7-5214 DOS $495, MAC $495, LINUX $495, WIN 2000$995, UNIX $1995. 196 SEPTEMBER 2000 Embedded Systems Programming Whether your target an embedded processor footprint or is the next mat·ket. -wllllll Compact PC! High Availability Lineo delivers a Linux•-based solution to meet your needs. Our uCiinux'"-based microcontrollers deliver sub-1 MB memory footprints and Linea's HA Enabler delivers 99.999% reliability on High Availabi lity Compact PC! servers. So partner with Linea and Put Linux Anywhere. To learn more about our tools, support and services, visit us at www lineo com or call 1.888.463.7367 Put Linux AnywhereTM SMALL ... LARGE ... High-Availability Servers Embedded Video card The Angelo is an AGP video graphics card for VMEbus and CompactPCI base- boards. Angelo features 8MB of 1 OOMHz video memory, which enables it to deliv- er resolutions of up to 1600-by-1200 at 32 bits per pixel with a refresh rate of up to 72Hz. Angelo features a 64-bit memory bus that allows the graphics processor to access video memory at up to 800MB/ s. Two communications pathways exist between Angelo and the host-board: a standard 32MHz PCI bus and a 66MHz AGP port that enables the baseboard to pass video and graphics data without tying up the PCI bus. A 15-pin VGA con- nector is also provided for direct con- nection to a monitor. Angelo starts at $395. It's available now. General Micro Systems Rancho Cucamonga, CA (909) 980-4863 Single-board computer StingRay II+ is a Pen tium III/Celeron FC-PGA single-board computer. Based on the Intel 82440BX PCI chipset, it features bus speeds of either 66MHz or lOOMHz, as well as Socket 370 performance up to 850MHz with dual processing capabili ty. On-board features include 10/ 100 Ethernet, Ultra DMA/ 33 sup- port, ISE, Ultra Wide SCSI, SVGA, and system monitoring faci li ties. Using fou r 168-pin DIMM sockets, it su pports up to 1GB of SDRAM. Interfaces for the StingRay II+ include two USB ports, a floppy disk connector, a bi-directional parallel port, and a serial port. It is available now for $2,492. 1-bus/Phoenix San Diego, CA (858) 974-8400 • Smart appliances • Modems • Credit card readers • Radar controls • Industrial automation • Mobile phones • Thin clients L I N E o· C 2000 Uoeo, Put Unu• Anywhere and uCilnu• 11re T r/ldemar~s of Llneo, Inc. Unu• h e ~~~l~ttr«< trademar~ ol Lmus Torva!ds.

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