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There's a feeling about achieving a goal, or simply reaching a new level of performance that's hard to put into words. It's not about winning or beating the next guy necessarily, just about knowing that you've done more than you've ever done before. HI-TECH C users get that feeling often - the feeling of being "in the groove", the realization that not only did you meet your deadline, but you did it easily, without stress. If you program embedded microcontrollers, and you want to raise your performance level, get HI-TECH C. World-beating performance from a tool that gets the job done without getting in your way, and backed by support our competitors can't believe - that's what you need to achieve your personal best. Call us today, or visit our web site for demos and information. HI-TECH Software 7830 Ellis Rd. Melbourne FL 32904 Ph 800 735 5715 Fax 407 722 2902

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