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New Products SRAM; 512KB configurable SRAM; 512KB ROM; two 72-pin SIMM slots for DRAM; two serial ports; a parallel port; and two PCMCIA slots. The CCE-SDT software toolkit (see p. 189) is included with tJ1e board, which is available now. Embedded Performance Inc. Milpitas, CA (408) 957-0350 www. epitools. com Chips Flash microcontroller MMC2107 is the first member of theM- CORE flash microcontroller fam ily. It's a 32-bit chip designed to meet the needs of distribution channel customers designing industrial control and automation applications. Utilizing an M- core microRISC CPU, it integrates both Programmable logic chip The 1.5 million gate APEX EP20Kl500E is a chip that combines a processor core with progran1mable logic. It's aimed at communications applications such as layer 3 routers and switches, wideband CDMA, and baseband signal processing, among others. It contains 51,840 logic elements and it features True-LVDS, which enables tJ1e chip's 16-channel dif- 111egatel Small Space Solutions Offering a Wide Range of Embedded PC Architecture On-board Features Altera San Jose, CA (888) 325-8372 PC-on-a-chip MachZ PC-on-a-Chip is a chip that boots autonomously on application of power and can operate even if system DRAM and flash are unavailable. It integrates a PhoenixBIOS and a Linux implementa- tion of the VxWorks RTOS that are tai- lored to the MachZ's set of hardware features. These include PCI, ISA and Access buses, serial and parallel I/0, and floppy and hard disk controllers. The MachZ also contains a set of fea- tures intended for designers of OEMs featuring PC functionality. It incorpo- rates an internal redundant boot mech- anism that allows system recovery (even if BIOS is corrupted), serial access to Flash, a proprietary chip select control mechanism, and dual watchdog timers. It's available now, and starts at $30 per unit in high volume. ZF Linux Devices Palo Alto, CA (800) 683-5943 OEMs Ethernet terminal The Intellicom series of operator interfaces offer direct connection to a 194 SEPTEMBER 2ooo Embedded Systems Programming digital and analog peripherals, includ- ing a powerful 16-bit time1~ communica- tion interfaces, and a queued analog-to- digital converter. The MMC2107 is avail- able now in 100- and 144-pin versions. They cost $15 in quantities less than 25,000. Motorola Austin, TX (512) 895-6217 www. motorola. com ferential signaling I/0 to perform at 840MB/ s. Additional I/ Os, such as SSTL 3/ 2, GTL+, AGP, LVITL, LVC- MOS, HSTL, and PCI66 are also sup- ported. The APEX EP20Kl500E, along witJ1 the rest of the APEX chip fanilly, features the MultiCore architecture, which combines look-up table-based logic, flexible embedded memory, and PLLs. Other fean1res include clock mul- tiply/ divide, phase shift, and clock skew. Masked versions are available now for approximately $100.

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