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New Products of operating system obj ects such as stack size or task-specific break- points. The dynamic system behav- ior-the so-called eve nt t race-is logged as well . OS events such as task changes and calls of the OS nucleus a re recorded in real t ime. Each event receives a time stamp at the time it is logged. These data enable the user to determine both the order and duration of the indi- vidual tasks and their operating sys- tem calls. Besides the dynamic behavior overview, the individual OS obj ects are shown with all their attributes. HiTOP can also monitor the stack for each task. A Task win- dow offers information on status, priority, and event flags of all tasks. It's available now. HiTex Development Tools Sunnyvale, CA (408) 733-7080 Vector lnformatik Stuttgart, Germany 49 (711) 13 99 96 - 0 www. vector-informatik. de Hardware Debug tool The Flex-BDM/ 68HC12/ 0SEK, a background mode debugger, debugs real-time embedded applications based on Motorola's OSEK/ VDX RTOS. It's compatible with al l members of the 68HC12 family of processors and allows developers to access OSEK-specific resources such a tasks, stacks, resources, message , alarms, and coun- ters. It integrates a BDM cable with PC- based, high-level debug software run- ning on Windows NT, 2000, 98, or 95. Flex-BDM/ 68HC12/ 0SEK can pro- gram the processor' on-board flash memory without additional hardware Development board The DEV9 is a ready-to-run code and ASIC development platform. It consist of a universal motherboard and an ARM940T-based daughter board. It fea- tures 512KB flash memory; AMBA, ASB, and APB support; 128KB synchronous Can CMX Really Put TCP/IP On My Little Ole :IB Chip? Yes, Ma'am, CMX has been doing amazing things with RTOSes and TCP/IP stacks for many years now. If you haven't visited us in a while, you are missing a lot of cool, new technology that is economical, royalty free, and comes with or a separate programming voltage. A "Hot Insert" capability lets the debug- ger connect to the live embedded tar- get without the system reset necessary with in-circuit emulators. Using this debugger, developers can step C code from all memory areas, read and modi- fy target variables and on-chip registers, and configure hardware and execution breakpoin ts. The Flex debugger is avai lable now. Noral Micrologies South Natick, MA (508) 647-0103 Contact us today at, before you drive yourself crazy trying to program memory cards the old fashioned way. International Microsystems, Inc. Milpitas, CA • (408) 942· 1001 192 SEPTEMBER 2000 Embedded Systems Programming Framingham MA 01702 Ph: (508) 872-7675 Fax: (508) 620-6828 email: WWW:

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