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New Products ming nue violations. It is available for Windows 98 and Windows NT 4.0. Telelogic Princeton, NJ (609) 520-1935 www. telelogic. com Development environment Statemate MAGNUM v. 2.1 is a devel- opment environment aimed at the automotive software industry. It allows engineers to create visual electronic specifications that can be communicat- ed to suppliers and implementation teams, along with traditional textual documentation. It is integrated with Rhapsody in MicroC, which enables suppliers to return data for comparison with original specifications, all based on a common electronic representa- tion. In addition, interactive test vector automation capabilities let system engi- neers capture functional and behav- ioral test scenarios. It also features an automatic panel builder that allows designers to debug models by creating mock-ups of user interfaces. 1-Logix Andover, MA (978) 682-5995 www. i/ Abstraction layer The pSOS Abstraction Layer enables users to run their existing pSOS appli- cations directly on top of the Linux/ RT operating system. pSOS customers who want to migrate to Linux/ RT have only to recompile their code and link with a pSOS library available for Linux/ RT. This will give them real-time capabili- ties within a true Linux kernel. These capabilities include high-resolution timers and clocks. Resource reservation can be added without modifying appli- cation code by using tl1e TimeSys Resource Manager. New functionality is also a possibility because users are able to add new real-time tasks while their migrated pSOS apps run as they did previously. An integrated visualization and monitoring function is also avail- able for real-time debugging. The pSOS Abstraction Layer is available now in source code form and on a roy- alty-free basis, as are the base compo- nents of the Linux/ RT. TimeSys Pittsburgh, PA (412) 681 -6899 RTOS and debugger The HiTOP language debugger now features operating system-oriented test and analysis for osCan, an OSEK VDX-compliant OS from Vector Informatik. HiTOP allows the dis- play of information about the status Dinkum C++ for GCC/Solaris Dinkum C++ for GCC/Linux A COMPLETE C++ Library as mandated by the final C++ Standard ISO/IEC 14882:1998 Includes the Dinkum C Library Single User Binary License for $90 Source License for $400 Dinkumware, Ltd. Genuine S ojtware 1-BDD-338-1453 40 Lake Bellevue suite 100 Bellevue . WA 9BOOS 190 SEPTEMBER 2000 Embedded Systems Programming *Dinkumware & Dinkum are Registered Trademarks of Dinkumware, Ltd. Solaris & SPARC are Re 'stered Trademarks of Sun Miears stems , Inc. Comes ready to run with GCC 2.95.2 on either SPARC Solaris or PC Linux &o

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