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New Products Tools for Embedded Developers Software API An API for the MicroC/ OS-II kernel allow applications to run atop the OnCore Mi rokernel within a protect- ed memory management unit (MMU) partition. With this API, developers can migrate thei•- applications imme- diately into an MMU-protected envi- ronment. In addition, users are able to execute Linux, POSIX, and othe r industry standard embedded applica- tions in concert with their MicroC/ OS-II applications on the same silicon. The MicroC/ OS-II API is available now. OnCore Systems Half Moon Bay, CA (650) 712-0655 www. oncoresystems. com Debug suppor-t for OS Run-mode debugging support is now available for applications that use the ThreadX real-time operating system and ARM9E processor. The debug mode, an enhancement to the MULTI 2000 integrated development environ- ment, allows designers to debug their a pplicati ons on a th • -ead-by-thread basis while the application continues to run. While the application n.m , Multi hal t~ the thread whenever it hits a breakpoint and opens a source code debug window specific to that thread. Programmers can then single-step or browse through the halted thread and read memory and registers, all without disrupting program execution. Run- mode debugging for the MULTI 2000 IDE i available now. Green Hills Software Santa Barbara, CA (805) 965-6044 Debugger A set of debugging tools has been added to a development sujte for the ColclFire family of 32-bit microcontrollers. The tool include a ource-level simulatOI- and a remote debugger that a• ·e almost identical. A script fi le to configure the debugger can be automatically generat- ed by the simulator. The development suite as a whole is made to support the MCF5407 chip, as well as tl1e earlier series 2 and 3 ColclFire cores. With the addition of the debugging tools, devel- opers can create, build, and debug tl1eir progr< with or without hardware. When hardware is avai lable, tl1e parallel port BDM debugger extends tl1e source level debugging to the hardware itself. The debugger is available now. Crossware Litlington, UK 44 (176) 385-3500 www. crossware. com DSP design software Hypersignal RIDE is component-based DSP design software with direct sup- port for Texas Instruments ' DSK62ll and DSK67ll hardware. Using the sys- tem, designers can pull block compo- nents of code from a menu or tool bar, then connect them with a mouse to establish a data now for tlle design. Run-time parameters are adjusted from pop-up boxes, and the entire algorithm is executed on the target DSK with the pres of a button. RIDE also allows sym- bolic debugging, code profi lin g, and application export. It supports a variety of DSP chip families and includes dri- Development toolkit CCE-SDT is a development toolkit for the ARM fami ly of microprocessors and cores. It can be used for developing and benchmarking code, software sim- ulation of code execution, download- ing code to target by means of a debug moni to r, and debugging with a JEENI emulator. To perfo• -m these tasks, CCE- SDT utilizes the following features: C/ C++ compilers, as ·em biers, and lin k- ers for ARM and Thumb instruction sets; an integrated development envi- ronment, including ARM Project Manager; a fu ll source-level debugger; an instruction et simulator; and a ROM-based debug monitor. CCE-SDT is available now. It starts at $2,995. Embedded Performance Inc. Milpitas, CA (408) 957-0350 Test software Tau Logiscope v. 5.0 is a test environ- ment for large development organiza- tions. It reviews code and detects error- prone modules automatically. Featuring visual outputs such as call graphs, con- trol graphs, and inheritance graphs, Tau Logiscope provides various means for giving a graphical image of manual- ly w1itten code. It main tains develop- ment guidelines by detecting program- Embedded Systems Programming SEPTEMBER 2000 189 vers for a number of DSP hardware boards in addition to the ones from Tl. lUDE is available now and costs between 3,995 and $9,995. Hyperception Dallas, TX (214) 343-8525

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