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NSPIRATION Virtual Applicati0n Development and Prototyping (VAD-PTM ) Royalty-free eal-time OS • TCP-IP stack • File system • Graphic system Sometimes the shortest distance between two points covers new ground. Embedded Power's Q.E.D. tradition continues - with a full JTAG debug port implementation! We bring you accurate, dependable hardware- assisted source-level JTAG debug on the Windows® NT /9 5/98 platforms. Using our own VisuaiProbe·· or other debuggers, Q.E.D. jtag provides: • Kernel-aware debug with our RTXC RTOS • Debug for all Pentium family members • Full visibility of all internals, including hidden registers • Support for your favorite toolchains, including CAD-UL, Borland, MetaWare® and Microsoft® • Fast, efficient host communications. High throughput means fast debug functions and quick code downloads - even to FLASH. • Requires NO fumbling with PC bus cards! Standard connection to your PC is via an IEEE 1284/EPP parallel port. • Eliminates the need to CAD a JTAG port to your board. We offer a complete set of JTAG breakout adapters that make hardware connection a snap! Stay on course through Pentium-class embedded development with Q.E.D. )tag Debugger! Pentium )TAG Processors Port Pinout Breakout Board Pentium I Pentium II Mobile Pentium II Pentium II Xeon Celeron 20 30 30 30 30 PGA 320 PGA 370/SLOT I BGNMicro BGA Intel breakout board PGA 370/SLOT I PGA 370/SLOT I 8 Embedded Power u.s. 281-561-9990 CORPORATION email: Europe: +44 (0) 1256 474448 Pentium111 email: © 2000 Embedded Power Corporation is a trademark of Intel Corporation

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