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IAR Embedded Workbench"' A superior C cross compiler package offering advanced embedded C/C++ optimization techniques • Supports the following MCUs: Atmel Hitachi T mel AVR, AT89 Microchip SH, HSS, H8/300H, HS/300 805 I, 80x96, 8025 1 PICmicro 16/1 7 and 18 M itsubis hi M 16C/60/20, MC80, 740 Motorola National NEC 68 11 ,68 12,6816 COPS, CR1 6 Sharp Tl Zilog V850, 78KO, 78K4 SM6000, SM8500 MSP430 Z80, Z 180 and more ... far camplete list, check www. i{//:com • Di ffe rent Architectures, One Solution: The same user friendly environment applies for all targets. IAR visualSTATE® A UML-compliant graphical state machine tool generating micro-tight code for any embedded MCU. • Very small code footprint (A break- through patented technology) • Table driven code (compact & fast) • Uniquely suited for low-end 8/ 16-bit MCUs • Generates MCU & Compiler independ- ent code (works for 8/1 6/32/64-bit MCUs) • I 00% formal verification of state model (a second patent) • Allows state level debugging, breakpoint setting, variable/action watch and graphi- cal animation of model • Static & dynamic analysis with regres- sion testing • Automatically generates complete design documentation in ' rtf ' format. IAR MakeApp'" The Device Driver Wizard. Automatically generates fu lly tested C initialization code for MCUs • Visual configuration of device drivers. • Supports the following targets Atmel Hitachi AVR SH, H8S/300H, HS/300 Mitsubi shi M 16C Toshiba TX RISC far up-ta-date target support clreck www.iar. com • Checks for illegal settings & resource conflicts IAR App. Development Services •Contact JAR to speed your next embedded development project. For a free demo & more information, please contact IAR Systems. Email:, Tel: 1-800-427-8868 Or visit fAR Sy.lll'/1/S (US HQ & West Coast), One Maritime Plaza. Scm Fmncisco. CA 94/11 Tel: 415-765-5500. Fax 415-765-5503 fAR S\'steiiM (East Coast) 2 Mount Royal. Mar/bomngh. MA, 01752, Tel: 508-485-2692. Fiu 508-485-9126 SYSTEMS IAR From idea to target.

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