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Our Heads Together We Put And Came Up With This Great ARM Solution. • No Royalties • Fastest RTOS for ARM • Smallest memory requirements • Complete ThreadX source code • Preemption·thresholdlM • PicokernellM architecture • Optimized ARM interrupt handling • IRQ and FIQ interrupt support • Best IDE for ARM Development • Best ARM Debugger • Best ARM Compiler • Seamless ARM/Thumb interworking • CodeBalance 1M tuning • ThreadX-aware Debugging • Run-time Event Analyzer for ThreadX • ThreadX C Library Integration • Complete ARM simulation .. ,lflillillllllill· • S 0 I ·' T \\' Gr4~t~ll llills ,\ ll •:. I N •.. • integration, no hitches, no snags, and no surprises. W hat if the best RTOS in the market combined with the best Compiler, Debugger, and IDE? You'd get seamless www.ghs.cornlarmsolutions Well now it's happened. Express Logic's ThreadX<~> kernel and Green Hills Software's MULTI<~> 2000 IDE have come together to create the industry's most powerful development and run-time solution for deeply embedded applications. With ThreadX you get a royalty-free, source- code RTOS, and state-of-the-art features like preemption-threshold and picokernel design. The advanced MULTI 2000 IDE gives you an Optimizing C/C++ compiler, ThreadX-aware debugging, complete ARM simulation, and the run-time EventAnalyzer for ThreadX. Together, ThreadX and MULTI 2000 are easily the best ARM solution available today. For a free demo CD of the MULTI 2000/ ThreadX solution, call Green Hills Software at 805.965.6044 or visit us on the web at www. ghs. com/ armsolutions. From the brains of Express Logic, Inc. and Green Hills Software, Inc. ph. 805.965.6044 • sales@ghs.corn • ARM6 ARM? ARM7M ARM7TDMI ARM7500fe ARM8 ARM9 ARM9E StrongARM Other Processors Supported: • Win32 • PowerPC • X86 • ColdFire/68K • Hitachi SH • MIPS • NEC V8xx • SPARC • M-Core • TriCore

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