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sense to choose an vendor who has the complete solution. Micro Digital satisfies your requirement. We produce an extended line of embedded tools, and we have integrated a broad range of fine products from other vendors. KERNEL - Low latency, hard-real-time, preemptive, multitasking, powerful API. FILE - High-performance (up to 14 MB/sec) FAT 12/ 16/32 file system with all the drivers you are likely to need. Contiguous files supported. NETWORK - Fully compliant TCP/IP stack with over 20 Ethernet drivers and I 0 application-level protocols, including a capable web server and an HTML 4.0 browser with a very small footprint (200 KB). We also offer a USB host stack with I I drivers. USER INTERFACE -Text windows; graphics library; GUI with window builder, fo nt capture, and image capture utilities, Unicode, and over a dozen drivers; 3D animation library with high-speed drivers fo r all common graphics boards. J.ld 714-437-7333 TOOLS - Full support for popular compilers, linkers, locators, and debuggers with kernel awareness. SPECIALTY - Dynamic load module support , x86 protected mode environment, NT console application loader, DOS emulator, C++ support package, boot loader and more. SUPPORT - Excellent support is as close as your phone or the Internet and is provided by the programmers who wrote the code. No quibbling policy: we either explain it or we fix it. We also offer training and contract help. TERMS - No royalties, source code included, 30-day free trial. FREE EVALUATION KIT - Call today for details, 800-366-2491 or visit our website, Micro Digital Inc Embedded Software Outfitters 25 years of excellence smx 800-366-2491

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