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There is only one conclusion. Only one RTOS provides all the benefits you need. Accelerated Technology combines a level of service that is unmatched, an affordable pricing model and open source benefits with a vast, tighriy integrated embedded product line offering. Nucleus MNT- Windows-based rapid prototyping environment Nucleus EDE - intuitive embedded development environment based on Microsoft Developer Studio™ Nucleus PLUS - robust, scalable, multitasking real-time kernel Nucleus NET - complete TCP/IP networking protocol stack Nucleus UDB- portable source level debugger SurroundView and Nucleus Pro View - revolutionary profiling tools that introduce a new level of application and OS monitoring Nucleus WebServ - a tightly integrated, internet-enabling embedded web server Nucleus WebBrowse - a compact and tightly integrated embedded web browser Nucleus GRAFIX - portable embedded graphical user interface These Nucleus embedded products support a wide range of processors: • MCF5206, 5307 • M·CORE • PPC40x, 5xx, 60x, 7xx, 8xx, 82xx • 680x0, 683xx • ARM6/7 /9, AEB, Atmel 40400, Cl7ll0, 7111,7209, Samsung SNDS100 • SA100-285, SAllOO, SA1110 • ARC • SH 1, SH2, SH3, SH4, SH3-DSP, H8S/2000, H8/300H • IDT RC3081, RC4640/50, R5000, RC32364 • LSI LR 33000, 40xx, 410x, 64008, Lexra 4180, NEC 41 xx, 4300, 5000, NKK 4650, Toshiba TX3904, 3927 • x86 RM/PM • TriCore • C167 For additional information on the complete Nucleus product line and how it can greatly diminish your time- to-market needs, royalty-free, please contact us at: Phone: 1.800.468.6853 Address: 720 Oak Circle Dr. E. Mobile, AL 36609 Email: Internet: All You Need in an RTOS. Royalty F

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